Cruelty-free products are not just limited to skincare and the odd piece. Something that might be news to you is that certain things that we drink and expect to be without any animal products might actually contain several animal products.
Hopefully this might help some one to make an informed decision or perhaps you might just learn something new.

How is Wine and Beer made

Let´s start with wine. Wine is made by fermented fruit, grapes to be exact. After getting harvested the grapes will be lightly crushed and then soaked to help with the fermentation process.
Beer how ever is made from barley malt, hops an yeast. These are then brewed together.
So why isn’t wine and beer vegan friendly?
The reason is due to a process called fining. By fining wine or beer you remove some of the bitterness it can have and kind of increasing it’s “looks” and this is done by adding fining agents such as animal protein. The agents are precipitated out along the way which might make it vegetarian friendly, depending on how you view it, but definitely not vegan or animal friendly.


Can vegans drink beer and wine?

The answer is yes, but you probably won´t be able to pick a wine at random.You will more than likely have to put in a bit of research into which brands you can actually drink as many wines and beers will contain animal deprived ingredients.
These ingredients are rarely listed but to name a few; blood and bone marrow, gelatin and fish oils, the list does go on.
It us however easier if you are a beer drinker, beer are more safe than wine but with that said you might be able to come across a beer that has been made with animal products.
If you prefer hard liquor you are more likely to be safe from any animal products besides honey.

How you know your wine or beer is vegan-friendly?

Since the ingredients are rarely listed how do you know if your preferred drink is vegan, cruelty-free and animal friendly?
-With great difficulty.
A good way to start is by getting to know your E ingredients, this is not just limited to drinks, also and mostly found in food.
E120 for example is an ingredient that stand for a color deprived from an insect and ingredient 920-21 is animal proteins and hair.

So by getting to know your E’s and numbers you might be able to narrow the list down when it comes to both foods and drinks. By asking when in your liquor store might be of help or you will be met with great confusion.
Try looking for more natural and organic wines as these usually don’t go through the fining process.

A short list of vegan beer in Australia – the most popular ones

Arctic Fox
Bad Shepherd
Batch Brewing
Little Creatures
Pure Blonde
Sail & Anchor

This is only a short list of my favourites out of all the Australian vegan friendly beers.
If a beer is vegan it is for sure vegetarian.
There are plenty of options and most brewers are trying to stay clear of adding any animal products into their drinks.

Vegan wines in Australia – My personal favourites

Bowen Estate
Chapel Hill
De Bortolio
Five Oaks
Hutton Vale
McLaren Vale
Oak Ridge

I know this is not a long list of vegan wines, This is only a short list of my personal favourites. There are plenty more. The reason it might be hard to get a vegan and cruelty-free wine is because the ingredients are more often not stated on the labels. There are many more out there, it might just be tricky to know which ones.


So, the question is if beer and wine are animal friendly? To me the answer is both yes and no.
Some of them are and some of them aren’t. To me cruelty-free is more than just animal testing. It is by not harming other living beings for our own personal gains. By using animal deprived ingredients in anything this to me cannot be view as cruelty-free, because how is something cruelty-free when we need to take a life to get what, not what we need, but what we want.

Thankfully there are plenty of options and more wineries and breweries steer away from using animal products in the fining process.
I am hoping that this vegan alcohol list might open someone elses eyes not only by learning that we are using animal products in alcohol but also by realizing that all the E’s and numbers listed on the back of products might be listed with the purpose of you not knowing what it actually is.

By learning what something actually contains you can choose what you want to eat and drink and steer away from the products that contains things you don’t want to consume.

I wonder how many people would purchase their favorite foods and drinks if the actual ingredients were probably written on the back and how many would put it back down.


I hope you have enjoyed this little bit of information and I welcome any comments or questions.