What is cruelty-free?

This is simple. Cruelty-free means that the product has not been tested on
or experimented with on animals. What a lot of people do not know or choose to close their eye to, is the fact that a lot of cosmetic companies, as well as a whole heap of other, today are using animal testing when producing their products.

This means that the products could be rubbed and sprayed on animals, they might be forced to inhale it just to see how this might affect their skin, organs etc. Cruelty-free products are created with no harm coming to animals as they are not subjects in any tests.

How and where you can find cruelty-free

Today most of us has access to the internet. With a simple search for cruelty-free cosmetics or cruelty-free skincare or even cruelty-free products a range variety of products will appear.

If shopping in the store the product should have a label on the back or in another form stating that is has been created with no animal testing.

If still uncertain you can go online and search for a list of cruelty-free cosmetics companies or clothes companies, basically anything that you would like to know more about.

Uncertain of what labels to use

I am certain that you already know of a few cruelty-free skincare companies as well as cosmetic labels you might just not know that they actually are cruelty-free. One of my absolute favorite labels to use is The body shop and this is a store that you have pretty much everywhere across the world. You have probably seen it in the shopping centers, maybe never paid much attention to it. Give it a go. If you do not like their range of products then there are plenty more out there.

And I like I said before, do a quick google search to find out which brands are cruelty-free and which aren’t.
Du you have the guts to research the mascara you are currently using?
I dare you to do this. Go onto google, type in the name of one of your most use products with “Is this brand cruelty-free” and see what comes up.

Knowledge is power. Know what products you are using, how they have been made and potential outcomes of using these brands. A lot of the time you are supporting things you are more than likely against just by being uninformed and purchasing a product without really knowing what you are truly paying for.

Why you should make the switch

There are so many cruelty-free options available today so the question should really be why not. 
If choosing something so little as a different face wash can impact the life of another than why not?
I think we chose the things that we know, because we always have.

We do not want to think that our favorite skincare products are made by the harming of innocent lives. Unfortunately this is not the case.
By changing our choices we can change lives and still get some of the best products available.

You might think that you are only one person, what different will my choice make? x 4 billion people. It starts with one person making the change and setting an example for others. People want to see to believe, we do not want to try and fail, we want to see that someone else had tried and succeeded before we do.