The vegan diet and weightloss

The vegan diet and weightloss

A lot of us are struggling with loosing weight and then if we succeed with the weightloss part we might be struggling with keeping it off. People tend to think that by going vegan the weight will automatically drop right off but the truth is that just because you go vegan or you are on a vegan diet doesn´t mean that you will lose weight. You can be a very unhealthy vegan just as you can be a very healthy meat eater. It is all about the calories you consume and in this article I will explain to you why this is.

How To Lose Weight Naturally

What are calories?

Calories are a measure of enegry. This is the amount of kcal needed to raise the temperature of water by 1 degree celsius.
1 gram of fat is roughly 9 calories. If we eat more calories than we need, or aquire more energy then we use, we will then store this energy as fat.

So if calories is energy then the only way to decrease energy is to either limit the amount of energy in or increase the amount of energy out.

What is the best food to eat for weight loss?

It is not just about the quantity of food you eat but it is also about the quality of food.
Your body will need food that will give it energy in the right way, there is nothing wrong with eating food containing fat, as long as it is the right kind of fat.

One of the basic in losing weight is of course calories in and calories out but protein is also something that can assist in weight loss and try to avoid processed food.

Whole foods are the best way to go, eating food that will give your body energy but not necessarily store it, this is usually a great way to start if you want to lose weight quickly.

Vegan And Weight Loss

The vegan diet weightloss program – is there such a thing?

Just because you are on a vegan diet this does not mean that you are on a healthy diet. There is a lot of bad foods out there that are 100% vegan and equally addictive. There are plenty of vegan weight loss meal plans out there and it might be hard to find a good fit.

You want to find something that will fit your life but also something that does not feel like a pain in the butt to follow, something that allows you to splurge without feeling guilty. It is very important to find a balance. If your diet is too strict or plain then there is nothing that will keep you interested in it and you might end up where you started or worse gaining weight. There is also important to have a balance as it is not healthy to loose too much weight too fast.

Losing Weight As Vegan

Losing weight does not necessarily relate to you being vegan or not, it is all about what you eat and what your body burn.
A vegan diet can surely contribute to you losing weight but this also depends on what kind of vegan food you eat. If you plan on going to a burger place and eating vegan then you might end up adding weight on. All food can be both good and bad. Just because you go vegan does not mean that there will be no processed food or sugary drinks that can add on the calories. Heck everything can make you gain weight if you have too much of it, however, overall, a vegan diet can make you feel better and lower the risks of quite a few diet related illnesses.

Eating pleanty of greens, fruits and veggies will surely allow anyone to lose weight and probably increase both energy levels and the overall feel. 

It can be easier to lose weight as a vegan if you do not substitute products for processed ones. By this I mean substituting regular cream for soy cream, sure the choice is better but it will still add on the calories.

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Tone It Up

The Tone It Up Program is actually made to fit everyone, they have a regular, vegetarian, pescetarian, gluten-free and a vegan diet which I stand by. I started with Tone it up around 7-8 years ago and it has never disappointed me, never, not once.

At first I was eating the regular diet but slowly I started exploring the other two diet, yes, when you purchase one you get access to all diets.

Why do I stand by this weight loss program?
This program is what I was following when I was in the best shape of my life, I love how it caters individuals and you keep recieving updates regularly, you get access to the website, you have a community to chat with that can help keep you motivated and if you like you can join their online gym. My favourite part of the program is that you do not need to count any calories for it to work.

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It is not just to find a diet that suits you, it is more of finding a lifestyle that will fit into your actual life.


Losing weight can be hard no matter what your prefered diet choice is and at the end of the day it is all about calories in and calories out. You can be on a super healthy vegan diet and gain weight, you can be on a very bad and sugary diet and lose weight the difference is one will probably make you feel and look quite bad whilst the other one will make you clear headed, give you nice skin and allow you plenty of energy.

Thank you for reading, If you have any questions or comments then please drop them down below and I will get back to you.

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