Hungry Jacks have released the vegan cheeseburger. Finally, a fast food restaurant is catching up with the people.
Hungry Jacks in Australia is the same as Burger King in the rest of the world.
Australians just have to have weird names for everything don’t they?
How good is this cheeseburger and is it worth the money spent?

Let´s find out.

It is not always easy to eat out when you are a vegetarian, vegan or looking for cruelty-free. To accommodate a big part of the worlds’ population, and let´s say it was about time, Burger Kind, A.K.A. Hungry Jacks released their vegan cheese burger.

So what is the difference between a regular burger and the vegan cheeseburger?

First of all it is vegan, that means that is made from ZERO animal products compared to their other burgers which contains several.


Looking at it, it is a big burger. I will never forget purchasing it and having to pay something ridiculous like $13 or something like that. I thought ” I better hope it is worth it”. Then receiving a big burger, I visualized a small cheeseburger but this is a decent size burger. The second thing that stood out to me was definitely the box ” 100% Australian beef”… I sure hope not!

The burger starts of with it´s all vegan bun, lettuce, onion, tomato, vegan mayo, their vegan patty and ketchup. Let´s not forget the vegan cheese tho. The patty is made from corn, carrot and capsicum. With the corn being very visible.

With all burgers you look at the pictures on the menu and than you get a burger that makes you question if this is even what you ordered. This is also the case for the vegan burger.

But you know what they say. It is the inside that counts, perhaps this will be the true when it comes to Hungry Jacks vegan Cheeseburger.


So how does it taste?

With the first bite I was very aware of the corn bits. I would have been more impressed with a more tasty patty than two of the same kind. The vegetables were as you would expect from fast food places but nothing I would complain about. The mayo was surprisingly good and I think I would rather have gone with double mayo, one burger and no cheese.

The cheese was not that impressive but I will say that I have had both better and far, far vegan cheese.


The overall taste?

3.5/5 I will not say to many bad things about this vegan cheeseburger but perhaps some spices would have been a nice touch, some spicy mayo with jalapeno vegan cheese or perhaps a juicy mushroom patty with some avocado?

The best thing about this burger is that it exist and it has triggered something.  It might still be a work in progress.
Or at least I hope so.
However, it has started something and now the other fast food chains need to catch up. So thumbs up to Bruger King / Hungry Jacks for making it possible for vegans to go through the drive thru and enjoying some fast food on the go.
If it is worth the money? Of course it is. Even if it might not be the best burger, Yet, It is worth purchasing to show support.
If people won´t buy then they won´t sell which means no more vegan cheeseburgers.
You are better of purchasing and then leaving some feedback with Hungry Jacks or Burger King with ways to improve it.

The Beginning Of The Start

Thanks to The Vegan Cheeseburger, Mcdonalds will be releasing it´s own vegan burger. I will be in the line up to try it. I am hoping that they will add some flavor to it tho. Now where does it say that eating vegan has to be boring or flavorless, quite the opposite. You always experiment with flavors, spices and vegetables. What will go well with what. We do keep things interested around the house that for sure.

A few days ago we even made our own vegan cheese burger which I must say are 10 times better than the one from hungry jacks. The recipe is that follows.


Recently I have been making a lot of hasselbacks potatoes.

Very popular in Sweden. If you have not tried it than here it goes.

Turn the oven on to 225 degrees Celsius, if fan forced lower slightly.
Put your potatoes in a wooden spoon, and than begin slicing it, several thin slices next to each other, the wooden spoon will keep it from getting sliced all the way through.

Place your potatoes in an oven tray.

I usually melt some nuttlex butter in the microwave and than I add truffle oil into the butter. I love truffle oil so I add quite a bit.

(For you who does not know what nuttlex is, it is a vegan butter made out of nuts and it tastes just as good or perhaps even better as your regular butter. No joke!)
You can usually find truffle oil in your specialty shop.

The with a brush or spoon, cover the potatoes with this. Save some for later as well.

Put the potatoes in the oven.

Leave for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes take them out, but more butter and truffle mix on. You can now add your cheese, a Parmesan is my preferred choice and than some vegan breadcrumbs to top it off.

Back in the oven for another 20 minutes.

When the potatoes go back in the second time I usually start with the burger.

Get your choice of vegan burger buns. I usually purchase mine at Flannerys and I like to mix it up so whatever I feel like at the time. Sometimes I place it in between lettuce leaves.

The patties are usually from vegiedelights, I love the spicy ones and the BBQ ones.

On the buns I mash up half an avocado for each burger and some red onion.

On the top bun I will put ketchup.

When frying the patties I will put a slice of vegan cheese, preferably something with lots of flavor. If not I will add like paprika, chili, cayenne. Just to give it a little bit of something.

When the patties are pretty much done I will put the cheese on the patties and put a lid over the frying pan.

On the side I usually have a coleslaw or a salad. However, this is usually pretty filling.

I hope you will enjoy both the review and the recipe.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them and you are more than Welcome to leave comments. I will get back to you as soon as I can.