The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar

The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar

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It is almost that time of the year and something that is becoming increasingly popular is beauty advent calendars. Here are the latest beauty advent calendars of 2019 to give as a gift to yourself or to someone else.

The Dream Big This Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 From The Body Shop

This advent calendar contains 24 bath and body products, Spoiler alert; lipbalm, bathbombs, body butter, scrubs and more to keep you entertained throughout the entire month of Christmas. 

The Dream Big This Christmas Deluxe Advent Calendar 2019

In this advent calendar you will also find bath and body products, as addition this will also contain special edition products, bestsellers and makeup products. The total amount of products in this beauty advent calendar is 25. 

The Dream Big This Christmas Ultimate Advent Calendar 2019

This amazing calendar will keep you intrigued with 26 different products from their most popular skincare, bath and make up series as well as their top-sellers.

The Lumene Beauty " 24 Arctic Treasures" Advent Calendar 2019

This calendar contains 16 skincare products and 8 makeup products.

The BareMinerals 24 Days Of Clean Beauty Advent Calendar 2019

This lovely advent calendar will bring you 24 of their most popular and best selling skincare and make up products.

The Ritual Of Advent Exklusive Kalender 2019

This is the perfect advent calender for you who is looking for something for home, body and soul.
The calendar contains skincare products as well as smaller products to set the mood around your home

The Ritual Of Advent Deluxe Kalender 2019

Just as the Exklusive Calendar this one contains the essentials for a perfect 24 days leading up to Christmas.
This 3D calendar will help you set the mood, both in your house and on your body, and feel relaxed with this personalized Christmas Tree all the way throughout December.

Makeup Revolution Lip Advent Calendar 2019 

Is the perfect Advent Calendar for anyone who is looking to increase their stash of more lipsticks,  lip liners, glosses and liquid lipsticks. This advent calendar will have your lips ready for Christmas and every day leading up to it.

Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar 2019 

This advent calender will have something new for you to try out every singel day leading up to Christmas. It contains almost everything to give you a full face of make up for your Christmas dinner.

The best advent calendar for men

I have not forgotten about the men in our lives.
Why not spoil him rotten with one of these.

The Bearded Man Company "Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar" 2019

This advent calendar contains cruelty-free and vegan oils for your beard that will last you throught the 24 days leading up to Christmans and well into the new year.

Man'Stuff by Technic 12 Day Christmas Advent Calendar - Limited Edition

This limited edition advent calendar will keep your man well groomed for the Christmas dinner with the family. Why not start spoiling him already.

All advent calendars listed are cruelty-free.

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  1. I trust that these gift items are really cruelty-free products as I am very compassionate to animals, they were created to accompany us in this journey called life. If we can find products whose ingredients and compositions are plant-based and not animal-based, then much better. We are 100% they’re cruelty-free products.

    With regard to the gift item for this coming Christmas, I went through all the packages you’ve shared and I wonder which among them is suited for a girl aged 6 to 10 years old? Maybe the “Dream Big This Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar”? 

    I am thinking of what possible gift to give. I am a godfather to a 7 year old girl and she’s expecting another good gift from me this coming Christmas.

    1. Hi Gomer,

      All these companies state that they do not test their products on animals.
      I agree, some of these, do use beeswax and honey, it will be in the ingredient list.

      I would assume she might be getting interested with makeup so perhaps the Makeup revolution advent calendar might be something worth trying as it does have a lot of fun makeup products to try and perhaps learn how to apply makeup etc.

      I hope this will help you in making your decision.

  2. Hmm. You do have a tone of interesting products here. I just looked at the Bearded man Advent Calendar. The prices are quite affordable. I think this will be a good product for my uncle. He keeps lots of beards. But more importantly, you have products here that my wife will love, the MakeUp Revolution Advent Calendar. Please can you tell how long it takes to ship to Houston, Texas US?

    You know we all like surprises. This could be a gift for her this season. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for reading.
      Standard delivery is between 2-7 days with a shipping cost of $4.99 but they offer free shipping over $50.
      Makeup revolution also offers express shipping 1-2 days with a shipping cost of $6.99.

      I hope this answers your question. Thank you for reading.

  3. Thanks so much for this article i have loved the makeup revolution lip advent calendar 2019 because i think it will be good for my wife and i would like  to purchase it for her so as to increase on her stash of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and many others so am going to visit the website provided for more information thanks

    1. Hi, I am glad that this gave you some ideas and I am sure she will love the makeup revolution lip advent calendar. Thank you for reading. 

  4. Thanksto you for taking your time to make this awesome information into a very sensible and helpful article, it’s getting to the time of the year when giving is gonna be of high priority, I mean gifting things to people and different ideas are gonna be popping up in the mind. Beauty Advent calendar is a very good gift that can be given, with much features, it is adventurous because you’ll be offered different things to try everyday by using the calendar. I’ll see how good it’s gonna be and I really love your recommendations, really thoughtful of you.

    1. Hi, I am glad you liked the article. I hope you will be able to find a good and cruelty free advent calendar to enjoy through the holidays. 

  5. I always have the issue of finding presents to fist to people, even to my family, so I always look out for articles that can save my ass like this and I think I have the perfect one based on beauty and calendar, this is gonna fit more if gifted to ladies. Beauty is one of the most consumed niche, it’s going to sell very much, I’ll bookmark this page for the time of its need so that I won’t loose it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading and I am glad you enjoyed the article and found it helpful. Let me know if you’ll chose any of the calendars listed and how you find it. 

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