Something that is becoming more popular is the term raw. There is raw food, raw makeup, raw skincare products… the list continues.

But what does it mean that something is raw?

Raw products have been limited in their processing which means they are as close to natural as can be.
They are made like this to keep as many of the nutrients in them as possible. If you have a raw vegan skincare product it has been processed as little as possible with natural ingredients. All you get is the nutrients of the product that they were created from.

So why would you chose raw skincare product?

When making a skincare product the product will go through several stages in the process. There will be ingredients added into this that is not natural at all and might not be the best for our skins and bodies. Have you ever looked on the back of a product to see what is in it and there is a list of all these weird ingredients that you have never heard of + they have numbers in them? Those are added, human made ingredients. They can be added in to create creamy texture or to make something smell good, perhaps they added in mashed up bugs to create a color.

By being aware of what is in your skincare and other items that you purchase and not to mention food, you can start to minimize your intake of these strange and unnatural ingredients.
Why would you want to put something in and on your body that you can´t even pronounce?

Natural as far as it goes

Have you ever wondered what they used in ancient times?
They didn’t have super scientists to come up with all these miracle E500 etc. ingredients, they used raw and natural products.
They were known to use different oils, such as almond and coconut, honey. All natural ingredients.
Of course not all beauty regimes from back in the day were that of success but many of them still lingers on thousands of years late.

What to know when going Raw

Raw skincare products contain nutrients for your body and skin, they come from the ground and our earth. Whilst other skincare products might have been factory made without little to none natural deprived nourishment for your skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, why wouldn’t you want to take care of it in the best possible way?

Let it glow with nutrients, when your skin glows your body smiles.
Less is more and a natural glow is what everyone is trying to get.
Nourish your body from the inside and out and give your skin what it needs.



This sounds expensive

It sounds expensive but it doesn’t have to be.
Try something simple and easy. It doesn´t have to be anything crazy or out there.
Start of with some coconut oil. Use the coconut oil for your skin.
You might wonder how you would use coconut oil for your skin?
Just as you would with any lotion or skincare. Your skin will have a beautiful luster and you will smell like tropical.

There are many benefits of using coconut oil in your hair. Did you know that the nutrients in coconut oil will stimulate your hair growth.
It will give your hair nutrients, shine, vitamins and is also really good for dry hair. Coconut oil is even Kim Kardashians to go to hair secret.

How to use coconut oil for your hair?

I soak my hair in coconut oil from roots to top. Because it is an oil it is very good for those of you who have dry skin and also a dry scalp. Anyways, I leave it in for anything between a couple of hours to a whole night. If you are going to sleep with it in your hair make sure to cover your pillow with a towel as it can leave oily marks. After I have had it in my hair I shampoo it twice, I use conditioner but only in the ends as your hair will be conditioned from the oil.
If you still feel like it is oily then give it another wash.

Every few weeks or so I apply coconut oil to my lengths to keep them from drying.

Simple and easy way to ease yourself into a raw treatment.
Enjoy all the benefits from coconut oil.
If you purchase it but you are not happy with the benefits or you just don’t feel like coconut is your way to go.
Cook with it. No need to throw it away. Coconut oil will have plenty of good benefits when digested as well.

Choose a coconut oil that is unrefined.
This means that it hasn’t been heated and it contains no added chemicals.