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The Raw Buzz

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What does raw mean?

Raw products have been limited in their processing which means they are as close to natural as can be. They are made like this to keep as many of the nutrients in them as possible. 
If you have a raw vegan skincare product it has been processed as little as possible with natural ingredients. All you get is the nutrients of the product that they were created from.

Why Use raw skincare?

In the making of a skincare product there are several stages in the process. In one of the stages there will be added in ingredients such as stabilisers and perhaps scent. A lot of these ingredients are man made or perhaps even made out of animals oils, or why not mash up some bugs to add in color. Does not sound very pleasant does it?

A raw skincare will use as little “man made” and “unnatural ingredients” as possible. Instead they might use nut butters as stabilisers and flowers as smell.

This goes back into ancient times before the E-ingredients were even created. For ages we have used natural products as skincare.


Raw skincare products contain as many natural nutrients for your skin as possible. As your skin is the largest organ of your body it makes sense that you would treat it with a little bit of extra care

this sounds expensive

It sounds expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Why not start with something simple that does not cost you a whole lot of money and does not require you to mix your own bowl of  a super moisturizing face mask. Start with something simple and easy that does not require a whole lot of you. 

Let’s kick it off with some good ol’ coconut oil.
Coconut oil has a lot of nutrients and is actually really good for dry skin and eczemas. It can also be used as a hair mask when your hair is in need of an intense treatment. There are many benefits of using coconut oil in your hair. Did you know that the nutrients in coconut oil will stimulate your hair growth. It will give your hair nutrients, shine, vitamins and is also really good for dry hair. 

Coconut oil is even Kim Kardashians to go to hair secret.

How to use coconut oil for the hair

Here’s what I do.

I soak my hair in coconut oil from roots to top. This means rubbing it in section my section in my hair until it is completely covered.  As it is an oil is it very good for those of you who are more prone to have a dry scalp. Anyways, I leave it in for anything between a couple of hours to a whole night, depending on the condition of my hair.
If you are going to sleep with it in your hair make sure to cover your pillow with a towel as it can leave oily marks. After I have had it in my hair I shampoo it twice to make sure that I get all the coconut oil out of my hair. The last thing you want is to have a greasy scalp right after you have just washed your hair. I use conditioner but only in the ends of my hair.
If you still feel like it is oily then give it another wash.

Every few weeks or so I apply coconut oil to my lengths to keep them from drying.

Simple and easy way to ease yourself into a raw treatment.
Enjoy all the benefits from coconut oil.
If you purchase it but you are not happy with the benefits or you just don’t feel like coconut is your way to go. Cook with it. No need to throw it away. Coconut oil will have plenty of good benefits when digested as well.

Choose a coconut oil that is unrefined.
This means that it hasn’t been heated and it doesn’t contain any added chemicals

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  1. My wife absolutely loves her coconut oil, she has used it on both of our girls. I even use it on my hands. However i did not realize you could use it on your hair as well we will have to try it!. Tons of great info in this post!

    1. Coconut oil is good for so many things, It is very good for your hair especially if your hair is dry and feels lifeless as well as if you have a dry scalp or have been out in the sun too long.

  2. Thank you for reminding us of all the benefits to use raw products..
    Coconut is the queen of all the oils, very good on its own and a good base for more essential oils. I only use coconut oil mixed with a few other anti aging oils as face cream.
    It is an excellent moisturiser.
    Looking forward to read more on natural products use.
    Bush Lady

    1. I have never tried mixing it, but I might now. I prefer raw products as they do contain so many good nutrients for us. It is the best for dry skin. Whenever my skin is getting dry I use coconut oil and within 2 days my dry skin is gone and I don’t need to apply anything for days or weeks.

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