What do you know about cashmere? Perhaps you have only heard the name, perhaps you own an item made out of cashmere but do you know what it is and how it is made?

Where Does Cashmere Come From

What is cashmere – Cashmere is wool that comes from the
cashmere goat or other goats. It is unique it how it is made and the fibers are well sought after and is almost comparable to the prize of diamonds. It can take up to 4 goats to get enough hair to make a single sweater, since it is only the undercoat of the goat that is used.

The goats typically live in Mongolia or China and they are usually shorn when it is the coldest time of the year which will sadly result in some of them dying from the cold weather.

The goats can also be found on farms all across the world, some farm would without a doubt be better than other.

What Is Cashmere Used For

Cashmere is used to make clothing. You can purchase Cashmere yarn and even make your own. Because they wool comes from a particular part of the goats neck where it grown very thick, warm and soft, it has been used to make very expensive clothing and it is considered to be a luxury item.

Is Cashmere Cruelty Free

Goats are very smart animals with an amazing memory. They are actually to be compared to a dog. Not only can the goats be harmed in the actual process of shearing but the conditions that they are living are not always the best. Cashmere is not to be considered cruelty-free as it does result in both harm and death for the animals involved. If the animal does not allow you to take their coats by force the animal might have to lose its life for the gain of a sweater.

The Cashmere Production Process is not very friendly to the animals involved and neither is it to the environment. A lot of land is being used for the goats which has resulted in a decline in other species as the goats take up more and more space and other endangered species are being forcefully removed to clear way for more production areas. As well as it is releasing a lot of pollution that causes harm to our planet and everyone else that breathes.

If you still want to purchase a Cashmere sweater or scarf then please make sure that the item you are purchasing is eco-friendly and perhaps also recycled.


I am happy to see companies like Asos recognizing the cruelty in the production of Cashmere and have decided to stop selling it. There also companies that work with recycled Cashmere fibers as they become more eco-friendly. Designers like Stella McCartney for exampled.

We do have other materials today that are far more eco-friendly and that doesn not harm either animals or the environment, perhaps you can find a alternative to Cashmere that is better for both.

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