For the past 6 weeks I have been trying out the cruelty-free body lotion from a Lithuanian company called Uoga Uoga.

Until 6 weeks ago I had never heard of this company and I had never tried any of their products before. I am always up for trying new vegan and cruelty-free products and this is my review of the Morning Mojito body lotion.

Who Is Uoga Uoga

Uoga Uoga is a Lithuanian company created by two women named Lena and Jovita. The name of the game is to use as natural ingredients as possible, even the name when being translated means “berry berry”. The company has received awards for having natural products as well as their manufacturing process being eco-friendly and certified by COSMOS Natural. One of the things that I adore about this company is that they seem to be somewhat of a family business in the sense that, their friends and family try out the products before they ever hit the market, to make sure that the quality of them are up to standard. They also create all of their products in small batches and by hand.

First Impressions

The first thing I notice about the morning mojito is that it is a vegan, organic body lotion. The second thing that attracts me to it is the smell. The smell of mint and lime is just an amazing combination. It is a stronger smell but not over-powering, the opposite, it makes you want to sniff it some more since the smell does not linger. It is not to sweet but more refreshing.

I try some on my hand and it seems to be a tad runny than my other body lotions but it does sink in to the skin fast, which I like. I read the back and I notice that it says that it is recommended to be stored in the fridge. I am still a bit unsure as to the reason of this. Perhaps due to the fresh ingredients used, to give more of a cooling effect or perhaps to stabilize it a bit and keep it from being as runny as it is.

Needless to say I was eager to try, however, I got a little to excited and decided to put it in the freezer and then proceeded on to forget about it for the next few hours. When I finally remembered that it was in the freezer it was frozen to a solid.

After letting it warm up for a bit the only difference in the product, of that I could tell, was that it was in fact colder. It was not more solid, it did not really feel any different, it didn´t absorb in any different way to previously. It was just the same but colder.

After 30 Days Use

“Natural moisturizing body lotion with limes and mint for all skin types

The cocktail of natural cold-pressed oils that are rich in fatty acids and are easily absorbed by the skin gives this body lotion a light and pleasant texture, making it perfect for the whole body hydration and recovery. The refreshing mint and lime essential oils awaken pleasant memories.”

I cannot begin to say how delightful this body lotion smells and how nice it feels on your skin. As the product description says it is very light on your skin and it is very easily absorbed.

My skin has definitely felt very soft and it hasn´t been dry in the slightest. Like some body lotions, this one does not linger on your skin in a greasy way, it will give you a nice and healthy glow without being sticky.

The only thing I did not like about the Morning Mojito body lotion was the fact that it was very runny and it did feel like you needed to use quite a bit of product to actually cover your entire body. Besides this, I have loved using this product as it does feel really nice on your body and if you have been in the sun, keeping this in the fridge will actually shoots your skin quite a bit, which I also liked.

Product Overview

Name: Morning Mojito by Uoga Uoga
Cost: €15.95 for 250 ml
Rating according to website:
Personal rating: 4/5
Best place to purchase: You can head to and see where the best place for you to purchase is in your country. If you are in Sweden you can find these products at Ecco Verde.
Shipping: From their website the shipping is free for purchases over €50


I love supporting business that are considerate. This business do have both animals and the environment in mind when they are creating their products but not only that they do have you in mind. This is why they focus on good ingredients that will give your skin the nutrients it needs.

I do not know if I would purchase the Morning Mojito body lotion again but I definitely would like to try out some of their other products, both other skincare products but also some of their cosmetics, the good things is that when you purchase something you can also order some free samples to help you make your decision which is a big bonus as it can be hard purchasing things online due to the fact that you might be unsure if the product will actually work for you.

Thank you for reading. Please leave any questions or comments below.