With approximately 10% of the population in Australia surfing and more than 3.3 million surfers in the U.S and roughly 10 million surfers worldwide there is definitely time for a biodegradable, Eco- and animal friendly surfboard. Don´t you think?

This article will give you a few alternatives to your regular surfboards, the differences and how changing to one of these options will help the environment and help keep our oceans clean as well as keeping our sea life great.

How Is A Surfboard Made

Your standard surfboard is made out of polyurethane or polystyrene, which is a synthetic material, plastic, to make it simple. Over this it has been covered with fiberglass and polyester or epoxy resin. Neither are really biodegradable, if they are, we are talking thousands of years. Which means they are more likely to be eaten. Polystyrene contains toxins which are hazardous to digest.

You can get plant based plastics but they are still not biodegradable.

What Is A Biodegrabable Surfboard

A biodegradable surfboard is just that – biodegradable which means that the surfboard will be able to decompose due to bacteria or other organisms. Leaving no trace of it ever really being there. So if you lose your surfboard in the ocean you do not need to worry as it will decompose and it will not harm any animals as it do not contain any plastic. It can be eaten without causing harm.

There is of course a difference between a biodegradable surfboard and a Eco-friendly surfboard. The Eco-friendly surfboard is made with recycled materials, this means lesser toxins and a smaller impact on the environment.

I will give you some options down below although most of them are based in America sure is an eye-opener to everyone interested in this sport.


This is a plant-based surfboard made out of the agave plant, created by Nate Headrick and Ian Bryan.

When they are processing the stalks they even do so in a solar panel powered facility. They then turn the stalks into surfboards by using tools. They finish it of with an epoxy coat, you can get an epoxy made out of plants and vegetables.

This company is located in Laguna beach, California. There surfboards look super stylish and as the company is growing you will be able to find these boards in more parts of the world as well.


These guys are also located in America, they are creating their surfboards out of mushrooms. They are ecoboard builders who are working with very alternative materials. This board is created as the mushrooms grow into a surfboard shape. The material is very strong as the mushrooms are very compact.

You can watch the interview with these guys here


This is an Australian company that are focusing on building the most high performance surfboards with the smallest amount of impact made on our environment. Where traditional surfboards create about 6kgs of waste this surfboard only creates 1kg. The material used are coming from natural or recycled materials.

They offer a variety of both surfboards and long boards.



If you are looking to purchase an ecoboard or you are looking for more information regarding ecoboards and ecofriendly surfboards, please visit the ecoboard project. There you will be able to find information on everything from what materials are qualified to where you will be able to purchase your own. The information I have provided is not a review it is merely to be view as information for alternative surfboards, more environmentally friendly and even biodegradable.

By visiting sustainablesurf you will be able to view the manufacturers who are qualified in creating ecoboards.

I recommend you having a look. Perhaps you will be able to find a new board or just make a difference by showing someone else or perhaps you want to join the project yourself.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and that this was an eye-opener for you. There is literally alternatives for everything. All you need to do is be a part of the progress and be a part of the change. There is nothing wrong with choosing environmentally friendly or cruelty-free, quite the opposite, it is rewarding. I hope you will make the change for a better world as it does not need to be hard and it is not much that is asked from you. Little things like being aware of where your choice of purchase.

If you have any questions please let me know, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.