I had the most amazing lunch today at a vegan café in Brisbane. The Cafe is located on the main street in Stones corner.
I have been in the area many times before but I have actually never noticed it before. The inside gives you and earthy kind of bohemian vibe. There are pineapples decorating the tables and the walls are painted in darker tones with their juice menu printed on it. This is by far some of the best raw food I have had in Brisbane. It is not a fancy vegan restaurant, it is a small café that serves amazing vegan raw food.

This place feels more like a Caribbean hut than anything else. The tables and chairs are all wood and it does make you feel very warm and comfortable.

The first thing I noticed from the outside was the sign ” Charlie’s raw squeeze Vegan”. Bright white and green.

Since it is Valentines day my partner and I decided to get a nice lunch out. Little did I know that my lunch would turn into a full on food review.






We decided to order the Falafel wrap and the Green pea patty wrap and split them between us.

We also decided to get a juice each. They had plenty of lunch options such as salads, wraps, baguettes and different smoothie bowls all at very competitive prices.

We took our seats and patiently waited for our for to get slightly toasted and our juices so get juiced.

The Food

The first thing I noticed was all the colors in the wraps. They are split in half so you can see all the goodies in there. We both started of with the Falafel wraps. Both of us were pleasantly surprised as the falafel were not dry, a lot of times it can be very dry. This was pretty darn good. I am unsure about the sauce but it was very good.

I am pretty sure I inhaled the first half of the wrap. The second wrap was the green pea patty wrap with a chipotle sauce. I have never had a green pea patty before but let me tell you, this is now one of my favorite patties. It was perfectly made and mixed in with rainbow vegetables such as red cabbage and carrot. The flavors blended perfectly.

I cannot begin to tell you how good this is.
Who ever came up with the brilliant idea of a green pea patty… wow.

Let´s get to the juices. There are about 8 different kinds of juices. All from the green cleansing juices to the immune boost juices. My partner went with the “Boost your immunity” if you are a fan of ginger and turmeric this is for sure the right one for you. It has a strong flavor of both but it is well mixed, he loved it. I went for the “Skinny Gold” juice which was very refreshing. I love how they were served in jars. This sure gives you the feeling of environmentally friendly as they are recycling old glass jars. The only thing that I did not like was the fact that the straws were plastic. I wish they would have been metal straws, that is however the only bad thing I could think of with this place.



After our delicious meal I just had to go back for desert. There are easily over 20 different shapes and tastes of yummieness and choosing was hard. We eventually ended up with the Mocha velvet ball and the Raw chocolate mud cake. I love raw food cake but this is by far the best raw food chocolate cake I have ever tried. I can barely remember the taste of the mocha velvet ball as the chocolate cake was just delightful. It was moist with the perfect consistency, it had a lovely chocolate flavor without being overpowering but without being to sweet. Served with some whipped coconut cream and strawberries it would have been out of this world. (If you do not know how to whip coconut cream then click the link above) The cake was a little bit crunchy on top, It actually reminded me of a regular mudcake that would have been baked, perhaps it was a little bit dry, either way it is by far the best raw choco mudcake I have ever had.
The reason it is in a box is because we bought it to take away and have later, how ever I had a taste and that was that.  We shared it in the car on our way back home. That is how good it was, we lost all self control and ate it like we were Vikings having a feast, all that was missing was the mead.

The Mocha Velvet ball was also really good, it does not compare to the mud cake tho. It had a more nutty flavor, dipped in chocolate sprinkles. If I were to choose from the two, I would go with the mud cake.

My Rating

If you do not know what raw food is it means that the food is unprocessed and it has not been heated more than 48 degrees Celsius. So what are the benefits of raw food?

Raw food has great health benefits such as a weight loss, lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Since the vegetables and fruits are unprocessed and uncooked they contain more nutrients. A vegan raw food diet can decrease the risk of high blood pressure by 78%

It might also help to improve your digestion as fruit and vegetables contains fibers that are good for your stomach, this can help reduce any inflammation you might have in your gut as well, so if you have been experiencing any IBS this might be a good thing to try.

I would give this a rating of 4/5. There is always room for imrovement. I would definitely recommend going to Stones corner and paying a visit to Charlie´s Raw Squeeze and here is why.

The food is delicious. It is simple but oh so yummy. It will fill you up without making you feel bloated. You do not need to feel guilty about what has gone into your food as it has been made with nothing but love. They have a variety of healthy salads, smoothie bowls and acai bowls if you are in the mood for something lighter. If you want to go have a coffee with friends why don’t you try the most amazing raw chocolate mud cake you will ever have. They even serve their food out of coconut shells! It cannot get any better than this!

Their menu is a two-page menu full of food to tempt you with, they have seating both inside and out, the music is mellow and not to loud but it will get you into the perfect mood for a nice meal. The staff is amazingly friendly and they truly seem to love being there. When you look at it from the outside it might not look like much, when you walk inside you might be surprised, when you try the food you will be amazed. Go in and give the Pea patty wrap a go, you will not regret it as this is probably the most delicious thing I have tried in a long time.






If you like the review, have any questions or comments please drop them down below and I will get back to you.
Thank you for reading.