A lot of people hear the word toner in connection with skincare but not a lot of people know why you use it.

I fairly recently discovered both the purpose of toners but also a toner spray.

For years, I have been using toners but I have never fallen in love with a toner. I have used it because you are “supposed” to have it in your skincare routine.

Who is Laponie of Scandinavia

Laponie of Scandinavia is a skincare company from Finland and Sweden.

They have received awards for the best brand in 2019.

Their slogan is: “No-nonsense skincare that works”. Their products are made with very kind ingredients both for our skin, the environment but also for animals – as they are 100% vegan.

Their approach to skincare is that skin has good days and bad days and they have made their skincare products with this in mind.

Laponie of Scandinavia only use vegan ingredients. Nothing that goes in to their products have been made with cruelty.


Why Use A Toner

What is toner used for?
A toner is used to clean your face from impurities, from left over make up or other kinds of dirt left on your face after cleansing your face. A toner is also used to balance the pH-levels of your face.

A toner is also particularly good for those with acne prone and/or oily skin.

A lot of toners do contain alcohol which can be very drying for your skin so do be careful when choosing your toner as the wrong one can cause more damage than do good for your skin.

There are also different kinds of toners.

You have toners that you use with a regular cotton pad and then you have toners, like the one in this review, which is a spray.

Laponie of Scandinavia Toner Spray – First Impressions

The toner spray comes in a box. The look of the box does give you an impression of it being very natural. Inside the box is a glass bottle. “The bottle is made out of light protective violet glass, pump made of PE-HD, PE-LD, PP, POM and stainless steel, label made of PE and outer pack made of cardboard” All the items are recyclable .

I love the fact that the bottle is made out of glass and not plastic like so many other products.

This to me truly shows that Laponie of Scandinavia is trying to make sustainable products.

On the outside of the box there are instructions which say to use on cleansed skin. It also states that the toner is very dehydrating and can be used both as a base, under make-up as well as a setting spray.

This is what their website states about their toner spray “Our Toner Spray balances, hydrates, soothes and conditions with multitasking, natural ectoin, smoothing sea kelp and calming liquorice root. Your skin will feel ready to go.

I started of with spraying the toner spray just on my cleansed face. There is not really a smell to it but it did feel very nice and soothing on my face. I was surprised to how fast it sunk into my skin. I have followed the instructions on the box which basically states to use the spray on a cleansed face and before any other products are applied.

Since getting the product about, 1,5 months ago, I have used it pretty much twice daily. Morning and evening.

My Experience With The Toner Spray – After 30 days use

It did not take me long to get hooked but I did not really understand why. I have never diligently been using a product like this one and needing to purchase more. After about a week my skin tone really evened out and my the little breakouts I would get from time to time stopped.

My skin is fairly sensitive and a change in regime can truly mess my skin up or if I do not change my regime this can also truly mess my skin up. I believe that this might be the reason my skin absolutely loved this toner spray, as it is made with the thought in mind that skin can be different from day to day.

After being out in the sun I would spray this on my face and it cooled my face down and just left in with a nice, natural, glow.

My cruelty-free and vegan skincare routine

I always start off with washing my face with the Indy Beauty Rich Cleansing Mousse
I then proceed to use the Indy Beauty Refreshing Water Lily Facial Toner
After this I spray my face with the Laponie of Scandinavia Toner Spray
The final step is then to apply moisturiser and for that I use The Body Shop Drops of Youth series


Do you need a facial toner?

Perhaps, perhaps not. What I can say is that we all have very different skin and our skin will react to skincare products in very different ways. I have not found any product that I feel like my skin truly craves until I found this product.

If you have a very good cleanser you might not need to use a toner, however the toner is there to not only remove impurities but to also balance the pH-levels on your face. With everything, we put on it this might be a good idea.

For you it might not be necessary to use two toners but for me this works, as I have noticed that my skin, even though, I have washed it still contains a lot of dirt and other impurities. Perhaps this is the reason that my skin now looks better than ever, I do not intend to find out by not using this product.

In my honest opinion this is truly an amazing product and it does what it says that it will do.

On their website you can read all the reviews for the product as well as browse through their other products. I have not yet tried anything else but the toner but I am excited to in the near future.

Product review:

Name: Laponie of Scandinavia Toner Spray
Cost: 50 ml for 280 sKr / roughly €26
Rating according to website: 4,2/5
My personal rating: 5/5
Best place to purchase: Laponieskincare.com
Shipping: The currently ship to countries within the EU region, as well as the UK. However, if you need shipping to different countries they do offer you to contact them via email.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Please leave any questions or comments below.