Air Wick? More Like Air Wicked!

Simple things like air fresheners you would think are cruelty-free. I mean it doesn’t go on your skin. You merely smell it. That is where you are wrong. A lot

Is Global Warming A Scam?

Every day we can read about, we can watch endless documentaries on it. We might even be able to feel the changes. How can something I do impact the world?
Product review

Gaiam Yoga Mat Review

Product: Gaiam dry-grip yoga mat Price: $69.98-199.85 Cheapest place to buy: Amazon Size: 68 inch x 24 inch x 5mm, 78 inch x 26 inch x5mm My ratings: 4,8/5  

It´s all about the boys

When we think about skincare and skincare products we, at least I, get this imagine in my head of a pretty girl with beautiful tanned skin that kind of glows.

The best vegan skincare

I must admit that I am a bit partial towards this brand, I have been using it for years and it has never disappointed. It was not until recent years