There is something new brewing in the wind and that is the smell of lab created meat. How is this meat actually made? Is lab grown meat actually vegan.

What Is Cultured Meat

Cultured meat can come in many forms and flavors, it is basically meat created in laboratories.

How Is Lab Grown Meat Made

Cultured or lab grown meat is created by using cells from the actual animal, such as cows or chicken. The cells are taken, without harm to the animal, and then the protein is grown. The meat is then looked after, fed etc. to assist its growth. In this way you can artificially grow parts of the animals and eat them without any harm actually being caused to the animal. The process itself is called cellular agriculture.

When the cells of the meat are given a special nutrient it will be able to grow into a muscle, which can then be used for food. From a small amount of cells you can get an infinite amount of meat.

Is Lab Grown Meat Vegan

Lab grown meat might still cause some harm to the animals in question as it requires cells from them to actually produce the meat in question. It will however not cause as much harm as our regular meat production is causing nor will it enslave and slaughter the way that is being done today.

Being vegan is about causing the least amount of harm possible and also about equal rights to live and to have your own life so it is still about the ethics and about causing as little pain as possible. In my honest opinion, perhaps it is not completely vegan but it is a dramatic change in the right direction and the best part of it is that from a small number of cells you can get an infinite amount which means that you might only need a little once to create a lot forever.

A lot of people did become vegan and vegetarian to decrease the amount of damage done to our planet and to the animals. This will open a door for everyone to be able to walk through.


Lab Grown Meat Pros Cons

One of the main reasons’ lab grown meat is even on the table is probably due to the amount of pressure animal agriculture puts on our environment. In the long run, animal agriculture is just not sustainable and we haven´t even gotten to the ethical side of things. According to research the space needed for lab grown meat is 99% lesser than that of animal agriculture. Livestock is already responsible for a large number of greenhouse gas being released and with the increase in demand this will continue to rise. If you want to read more about the dangers of our meat production then please click here.

Is lab grown meat safe

Scientist say that by producing meat in labs we might be able to stop some illnesses transferred from animals to humans as well as add in vitamins that cannot regularly be found in meat.

At the end of the day, is anything really safe?

I think in this case one needs to think about what would be safer for the environment we live in and probably wish to continue to live in, as well as, what is ethically correct.

If you are worried about chemicals and other nasties, then don´t worry, you are probably already eating them anyways, with all the GMO, toxins and medications scattered around, not just animals but also our fruit and vegetables, not to mention all the processed food we eat.

It might actually even end up being cheaper to purchase than “real” meat as it will be cheaper to produce.

Where To Buy Lab Grown Meat

There is not a lot of this on the market yet but there are plans to have “clean meat” on the market by next year.

(Read more about clean meat by clicking the link).

The production of this kind of meat is exploding and increasing as we speak and a lot of companies are trying to have this on the market and in restaurants as early as possible. Most of these companies seems to be based in America so it might mean that the rest of us, meaning the rest of the world, has to wait a tad longer for it to catch up in our countries. However, it is on the rise and it is coming fast.


I believe that lab grown meat might be the best thing since sliced bread. The difference it could make for billions of animals and not to mention billions of people as we might be able to stay on our planet without being burnt, frozen or drowned due to climate changes.

The road there might not be pretty and I would imagine horrible but hopefully it might also be the end of animal slavery.

Thank you for reading, If you have any questions or comments please drop them down below and I will get back to you.