Product: Kenwood kMix Blender


Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Size:1.6L, 800W Engine

Guarantees : 6 month warranty from Kenworth

My Ratings:4.5/5

The Kenwood kMix Blender

The very first thing that I notice with this is the design. It looks really good and it has such a simple design for such a multipurpose “tool”. It has a lot of different settings which makes it easy to adjust the speed to what you are doing.

I must say it is very good if you make smoothies and you want them a bit colder. I vary between a hand held mixer, a bullet and an actual proper blender. This blender just crushes ice like it is nothing whereas the ninja I have starts smoking and I am not even about to try this with a hand held mixer.

One of my favorite things about this blender is that you are able to use it for both hot and cold liquids. Which I have found works really well for soups. I love soup and depending on the soup I prefer them nicely mixed through. This actually do the trick and I do not have to worry about the glass shattering as it does have heat proofed glass.

The jug is actually quite large so you can make a big batch of juice or smoothie in the morning and then have it throughout your day and I have noticed that it actually mixes your smoothies very well. In my ninja I often get chunks left but I haven’t had that issue with the Kenwood kMix Blender.

It does come with removable blades as well which I think is brilliant.

Best Blender To Buy

OK, This blender is really good. I have made home made peanut butter with it, I have crushed nuts and herbs to make spices,

I make juices and various other drinks, I use it for soups and sauces. This is probably the best multi functional blender I have tried. I absolutely love it and it is the only other kitchen machine I am using, except for my juicer. All the other ones are now sitting in a cupboard.


For me there are quite a few pros.

It is easy to clean

No problems chopping up ice or anything else for that matter

A lot of settings which makes it easy to adjust the level of speed etc to whatever you need mixed

The jug is made out of glass, it just looks more stylish

Comes in white, black and red colors


It is a little on the heavier side, might be due to the 800W motor in it.

The jug is made out of glass which might also be a contributor to the weight and also do not drop it

Avocado Smoothie Bowl (Avocado Yogurt) – Recipe

One of the main things I make with my mixer is cruelty-free and vegan avocado yogurt. This mixer has worked perfectly with all my smoothie bowls and all my juices and smoothies.

My number one favorite home made “yogurt” recipe is my avocado yogurt. I absolutely love it. My previous blenders have always struggled a little with this as it contains dates and for some reason dates are hard to mix I guess.

For this recipe you will need:

For 1 person

1 Avocado

1 Lemon

2 Dates (without pits)


Raw Vanilla Powder

Half the avocado and get the seed out, remove the peel and put the avocado in the mixer.

Add lemon zest approximately half a lemon. (I love lemon and tend to go overboard with it, so perhaps try less first and then add more to taste, I also add a little of lemon juice as well)

Add the dates, this is also depending on your preferred consistency and sweetness.

Add just a pinch of salt

A pinch of Raw Vanilla Powder (You can find my preferred Vanilla Powder in my post on how to whip coconut cream )

(If you are really daring, add a little of spirulina powder)


What you have now should be a light green and very creamy. Taste it to see if you need to add anything more.

(If you want to you can also add blueberries to make “blueberry avocado yogurt)

I then top this off with some crushed nuts or granola and some fresh berries.

For me this is a home run.


This mixer is a little on the heavy side but it really puts up a high standard. It is easy to use and simple to clean. I love that everything can go in the dishwasher, this just saves me a lot of time. I also really enjoy the size of the jug as I can make my smoothie in the morning and then store it in the jug for the day and drink it for as snack etc. I don’t need to make smoothies several times a day anymore.

There is more to this blender than meets the eye, it has a few different settings and the blades are also made in a different way all to make your blending experience enjoyable and effortless.

This is a product I would recommend.

I would however find a designated area for it to live as moving it around might be a bit on the heavy side.





I hope you enjoyed the review, If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to drop them below and I will get back to you.