Every day we can read about, we can watch endless documentaries on it. We might even be able to feel the changes.

How can something I do impact the world?

Ways Humans Impact The Environment

We are all a part of the changes we can see in the world and we all contribute to the impacts of our actions.

There are several ways that humans impact the environment; We chop down trees, we scatter our trash, we release toxic waste into the air and we casually spread it around us. We impact our environment with the meat industry, with the way we manufacture products and with our farming but most of all we impact our environment by teaching our children that all of this is OK to continue with.

So how does cutting down one tree impact this thing called Global Warming?

Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen which we then breathe and if we then burn the tree we let out even more carbon dioxide. The issue here isn’t that we cut down one tree or two trees.
There is approximately 55600 trees cut down EACH minute, the amount per year is somewhere between 3,5 – 7 billion trees per year.

By cutting down the trees we are removing the life that breathes carbon dioxide, instead it will add to the greenhouse effect, which causes trapped heat. This will increase the temperature of the planet and cause the ice to melt, the water levels to rise and flooding to occur. If that is not enough we are killing and destroying the homes of thousands of animals.

Why Are Plastic Bags Bad For The Environment

Plastics are made out of non-renewable resources such as petroleum and natural gas. Plastic does not decompose or if it does it will do so extremely slow, 100-10.000+ years or so and whilst it is doing so it will release a great amount of toxins into our soil and our groundwater. Not to mention animals digesting it and dying as a cause of plastic.
This is one of the reasons why plastic grocery bags are bad.

So let’s have a look at plastic bottles.
A lot of our bottles contains toxins that can be release out into your drink.
We have already established that plastic is toxic so is this really something you want to digest?
Sure it is an easy alternative but there are water bottles you can purchase made out of glass.

I agree that it is an easy solution sometimes and perhaps it might even be a good one if your country knows how to take care of its waste by recycling it. Burning plastic releases a lot of toxins and is very dangerous and we already know that it is not really biodegradable. A lot of our plastic bottles still end up in the wrong place.

Why Do People Choose Organic Food

When purchasing organic you are purchasing food free from chemicals and without GMO.
Organic foods contain more nutrients that are actually really good for our bodies, such as salisylic acid. It does not contain additives that can cause your body harm. The toxins that are put in the ground and on our food to “protect” it might end up being a cause for cancer. By choosing organic foods you are choosing to support the environment by releasing fewer toxins into the soil and releasing fewer toxins into our water.
Not to mention that organic food uses less energy than non organic foods, which will leave a smaller carbon footprint on our planet.

-I would by organic but it is too expensive.
Why is organic more expensive?

When buying organic you are usually not buying from a multimillion dollar company. You are buying from the farmer next door. Most organic farms are small and they do not spit out crops, it takes time to grow things naturally, without the added chemicals to make things grow faster, added shine etc.

Buying organic is like growing it in your own garden, it does take time before that first tomato plant starts giving fruit but when it does it is well worth the wait and the taste is always better than store bought.


Why Do People Buy Fair Trade

Some of you might not know what fair trade is, it is a company that will make sure that who ever is picking your coffee beans or sowing your clothes actually will get the pay they deserve to be given, that they are allowed breaks and that they won´t be exposed to dangerous chemicals when doing so. So by choosing fair trade, not only are you choosing to give someone a better life you are choosing to care about the environment and help stop the environmental challenges that we are facing today.


To see a better tomorrow we must do better today. All our actions have consequences and we must realize that it is not just on the government. You as a consumer have the power. If you don´t purchase there will be no point in making.

One of the biggest environmental thieves today is the meat industry, each year approximately 56 billion animals are slaughter for human consumption. With this comes a great deal of methane gas, crops grown for animal consumption, chemicals added into the animals that we then eat. Did you know that the majority of all the crops grown today are for animal consumption? And that with those crops we could basically extinguish starvation.
Cruelty-free is more than just animals, it is about other people and about our environment as well.

This is not a rant about stop eating meat, it is about being more aware of your choices and you do have one. You have the power. You can make a change for the future and for your children. We were given rights to vote, end of slavery, freedom of speech. What will we be leaving for our children? A doomed planet? the privilege of using the word YOLO? Perhaps we can make an effort in leaving something other than the extinction of polar bears and stories of bees.