More and more people choose empathy over slaughter. As they do more vegan products pop up. You can go almost anywhere in the world and still have the option of vegan. Hungry jacks, or Burger king, as it is known as in the rest of the world, has previously released their vegan cheese burger, they have now also added two vegan breakfast muffins to the menu. One regular vegan muffin and one with added avocado. I just put it to the taste test. Let´s see how it went.


I am happy that you are able to purchase a vegan meal at Hungry jacks / Burger king, however, the first thing that I notice is that it says; Bacon and Egg Muffin with cage-free eggs.

I realize that I might be a bit silly but if you order something without meat, you do not want the packaging to represent meat. I would love it to be recycled and biodegradable wrapping, that clearly would state that this is not only a vegan, cruelty-free product, but also a product that is aware of the impact that this kind of thing has on the environment, to show that little things do matter.

Unwrapping – The First Look

It looks boring as. I known how much can you ask for, see in the commercial the muffin looks delicious, it looks nice and fluffy, with lots of lettuce and the avocado looks nice and green and evenly spread out. Yeah this is not even close to reality.

I will repeat myself. It looks boring. The lettuce was brown in certain places and does not look fresh at all and is almost none existent. The avocado is far from evenly spread out, it is only added on one side. So one side of the muffin look dry and the other one looks alright.

The Taste

The first thing I taste is the lettuce and it tastes old. I actually have

to pick some pieces of lettuce of the muffin as they are brown.

I don´t known if it is because it is on a muffin and not on the burger, but the vegan cheese actually tastes a lot better on the muffin.

Immediately when I have the first bite, there is a really sour taste. This turns out to be the vegan mayonnaise. It is not pleasant. You known how something can taste sour as it has gone of, this is how it tastes. I am not sure if this is just the taste of the vegannaise that they are using or if it has actually gone bad.

The avocado actually does taste like avocado. I known sometimes when you order avocado on toast they give you this strange mixture of avocado and whatever else they put in it, this actually does taste and look like avocado, which was a pleasant surprise.

The actual muffin was not to dry, I usually have an issue with any breakfast muffins because I think they are very dry. Perhaps it was the incredibly amount of vegannaise on it that both made the muffin soft and sour.

Would I Eat It Again?

Um… Let´s put it this way, it would not be my first choice but if I need something quick and easy I probably would, however, I did have to wait about 10 minutes to receive my order, so I wouldn´t call it fast food. I like that companies like Burger King and Hungry Jacks offer vegan options, that just shows that they are keeping up with the times and the environmental changes. There is however things that can be worked on a little.

Perhaps a little less vegannaise as the taste of this particular one was both very strong and very, very sour.

I also wonder if they actually have vegans trying these foods before they start selling them, because anyone could probably make their own vegan muffin at home, a lot tastier.


I think that it is great that big companies like Burger King / Hungry Jacks actually take their time to create something that is allowing a major part of the world to come in to their restaurants and eat. They are moving forward, just seeing that they have added two vegan muffins to their menu instead of only the vegan cheese burger is an important step in the right direction. Eating vegan tho, does not need to taste bad, it does not need to be dry or over all, badly made.

It can be quite delicious and colorful. At the end of it, even though I think they have a lot to work on, I still do applaud

Burger King / Hungry Jacks for their efforts and for setting an example to all the other fast food restaurants out there. They are putting the pressure on. I have looked to see if McDonalds offer any vegan meals on their menu and they still are not, which means they are loosing out and companies that are keeping up with the times are gaining.

I hope you have enjoyed the review and that you will be brave enough to give it a try.

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to leave them down below.