Product: Gaiam dry-grip yoga mat

Price: $69.98-199.85

Size: 68 inch x 24 inch x 5mm, 78 inch x 26 inch x5mm

My ratings: 4,8/5


Gaiam Yoga Mats

What is the difference with a regular yoga mat and a non-slip yoga mat you might ask; A regular yoga mat will have closed textures whilst a non-slip or a dry grip yoga mat will have open textures which means that it will absorb the moisture and also allow for a better grip.

All Gaiam products are made free from rubber, latex and 6P. Which can be of benefit to those of you who have latex allergies and need a latex free yoga mat. Gaiam products are also organic and cruelty-free. Which means that they have organic yoga mats as well as non-toxic yoga mats. I love when a product is both kind to the environment and kind to animals. That means it will most likely be kind to me and my skin.

Gaiam has a firm grip on me

I am far from an expert when it comes to yoga. I have been doing yoga on and off for years but I have recently been doing it more frequently as I have noticed a great deal of benefits from it especially when it comes to my back. My back has been incredibly sore, it didn’t subside until I started doing yoga each day and if I miss out or skip the pain will instantly come back. One of the things that was a bit of a struggle for me was that my yoga mat got so slippery. I live in Australia where the humidity is somewhat incredible and when I exercise I do get sweaty.
I noticed that with my regular el cheapo yoga mat I would slip and I would have to readjust my grip constantly. This was very annoying. I felt like I could not relax into a pose as I would have to move my hands and feet around just to be able to stay somewhat still.


My partner kept asking me what I want for Christmas and the only thing I could think of was a non-slip yoga mat.

As he knows how into the environment I am and I am constantly talking about vegan, environmentally friendly items. He went and got me a Gaiam dry grip yoga mat as well as a Gaiam yoga mat towel.

This is by far the best non-slip yoga mat I have ever tried.

Difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat

There isn’t too much of a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat. A yoga mat is usually a bit thinner but you can get them thicker as well. Since I have a bad back I do prefer them a little bit thicker but when it comes down to it I go for having a better grip.

Both exercise mats and yoga mats comes in different styles and colors and quality varies with price as per usual.


By having one you won’t need the other

This depends on your preferred workouts. When I workout I like to have a balance between my yoga and my weights.

When doing abs etc. I do need a good exercise mat to give me the support my back needs. I twisted it about a year ago and I am still suffering from the pain. By having my extra thick exercise mat I get the support that I need in my back.

With that said, I have tried doing yoga on this mat before and it gets’s very slippery even with regular push-ups I can feel how my hands are loosing their grip. I have tried different yoga mats as well but none from Gaiam before.

If you are into yoga, you are a beginner or you might be fully into yoga but you have not found the right mat. This might be the one for you. It sure is for me. Don’t get rid of one just because you have the other. They are designed for different things.


Conclusion – You get what you pay for

As I am tall I am ecstatic to have found a yoga mat that is taller than myself. I am 179 cm and my Gaiam yoga mat is extra long, 198 cm long to be exact. This extra long yoga mat is not only good for the most advanced yogi it is perfect for beginners as well. I have learned not to skimp out on the equipment as it is there to help you.

I have always found it hard to find a good exercise mat, that has the right size, gives me a good grip as well as gives me enough support. This is the one.

It is designed to assist you and work with you, it is perfect for your hot yoga classes and it is perfect if you are just a little bit hotter by your own self 😉

When purchasing a new item of any sort, do not skimp out, rather save up and give yourself something of quality, that will last then getting yourself something cheap that you will end up disliking and breaks, you will have to spend more money on it in the long run. Give your self something that will last because it will end up being cheaper along the way.

I feel that with this mat I can finally get into my downward dog without the risk of sliding and falling flat on my face. I feel safer and more secure as I can trust my equipment in a way
I wasn’t able to before. I would hold back in fear of slipping and now I can finally get the full benefits of yoga.

I hope you enjoyed this review, if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below.