Over the last few days I have seen a lot of people posting about how animal agricultured does not contribute to climate change. That the world needs to check themselves because cows are not runining our planet etc. So let´s check if, how, and why animal agricultured could be runining the planet and contributing to climate change.

Does Meat Production Affect The Environment

So first of all you have to make space for your livestock. This usually means cutting down large amounts of forrest. If we go way back to what we were taught in school we need trees as trees absorbs carbon dioxide and gives us oxygen and over 90% of deforestation is due to animal agriculture.

But why are cows bad for the environment?
Cows in particular release alot of Methane gas and methane gas from cows have an effect on the environment that is approximately 23 times higher than regular carbon dioxide and a cow release somewhere between 70kg and 120kg of methane gas per year. Let´s make it an avarage of 95ks of methane gas per cow and add in the approximately 93 million cows that are brought up for slaughter each year. That is over 65 tons of methane gas per year.

Does Methane Affect The Environment

Methane gas is something that we already have in our atmosphere but due to the meat production we have increased the amount of methane gas in our atmosphere. Meat production is not the only reason that methane have increased but it is still a huge environmental contributor. It definetly affects the environment and it is one of the top reasons that we are experiencing the changes in our climate.

Methane Affects On The Environment

So basically what Methane does is that it absorbs the heat from the sun so instead of the warmth being released out it stays in our atmosphere and warms our planet up. Which is all good, except that we have too much methane gas in our atmosphere. More then we need to keep the warmth in, this increases the temperature which then will melt the ice – as we have been seeing – rising our water levels and affecting our whole climate, in a variety of way. Every cause has an affect. This will become a chain reaction. As water levels will rise, we will lose ground, as the ice is melting and the waters are getting warmer it will only be a matter of time before our currents change.

What Can I Do To Stop Climate Change

There are things that you can do to help stop the climate change.
First of all please lower your meat consumption. You are probably thinking how the steak on your plate will make a difference. We eat approximately 315 million ton meat every year. If you say no to that steak it will make a difference. Everytime someone takes a stand and even just lowering their meat consumption it will make a difference.

Try tu use as much renewable energy as possible and try to reuse as much as possible. Try not to waste.

Every action that you make will have an affect. Perhaps not today. Perhaps not tomorrow. Every action has a consequence.


It is important to see the reason that people are staying away from meat and it is important to do the research of the reasons behind why people stay away from meat, for the climate, for the animals or perhaps for both. I understand that everyone is not ready to go fully vegan but cutting down your consumption of animal products will have great impact on not just the animals and the environment but also for your health. Please try to remember who it is that you are eating and the reason why our climate is changing. Your future is depending on it.

If you have any questions or comments please drop them down below and I will get back to you.