Who doesn’t like to relax with a nice cold soft drink on a hot day? The noise the can makes when you open it, the sound it makes when it gets poured over a glass of ice and the way it cools you down. If the amount of sugar and other toxins in those drinks doesn’t stop you from drinking them perhaps the information you are about to read will change your mind.

Pepsi, Fanta,Sprite,Coca-Cola – Why do we like these?

It is still unclear why people like carbonated drinks.
I personally am a big fan of sparkling water and not so much the sugary drinks.
How come we like soft drinks like the ones mentioned here?

I am going to say because of the sugar the contain, as sugar is highly addictive. There is a great deal of sugar in all of these and the diet and “sugar free” ones only contain a different form of sugar. So there is really no way of getting away from the sweet stuff with this one.

Not only are they bad for you and your body they are also harming animals in the form of animal testing.

Drinks Vegans Should Stay Away From…

Drinks that people who stand for cruelty-free should stay away from.
You might wonder why I am saying that vegans should stay clear of these drinks, there can be traces of fish found in these drinks, in particular Coca-cola. This might lead to the next question why. Why would a drink need to have animal product.
See the fish is used to “stabilize” the drink, like gelatin. There for, you should stay away from this if you are vegan and if you, like myself, want to help the environment and animals then the same goes for you. You should stay clear of these products.

How about Pepsi, Is Pepsi vegan friendly?
Pepsi actually is the better option as it is vegan unless you go for the diet Pepsi which is not Vegan.

But, is Sprite vegan? If you are on a vegan diet you should try to stay clear of Sprite as well as it can violate your vegan diet.

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Pepsi and Sprite all do animal testing. But how would one test soft drinks on animals and why?
– Well animals are being force-fed chemicals that are used with these drinks, to see what effects it will have on their bodies.

These brand do say that they are not testing on animals. They have recently put requests in with Peta to show that they are not having any tests done on animals. That is brilliant until you come to the third party part – Yes, they do not preform animal test unless it is required by governmental agencies and they also forgot to mention that they do use rats in there studies. Last time I checked, rats were animals.
So is Pepsi, Fanta,Sprite and Coca-Cola cruelty-free?
-No they are not.

Cruelty- Free, Vegan Drinks

To be honest, I have really been struggling with this one.

It is very hard to find a soft drink company that are cruelty-free, at least I haven’t been able too and believe me I have tried. I have found several that are vegan but none that say that they are cruelty-free. Which I feel in a way kind of defeats it’s purpose in a way as many of you become vegan for the animals and the planet. But by purchasing something that is vegan but not cruelty-free wouldn’t make any sense then.

So this is going to be a short list and here it goes.

Soda stream is a great option here it is friendlier to our environment and it is vegan. A glass of cold, soda streamed water with a squeeze of lemon and mint, how refreshing isn´t that. I have however tried to find out if this is cruelty-free but I can’t. I would say it most likely is cruelty-free if you are only purchasing the machine and the bottles when talking about the flavors I am in doubt. I use soda stream pretty much every day but I do not use the flavors you can purchase.

Vita Coco coconut water is cruelty-free and it does come in a variety of flavors.

There are plenty of vegan drinks but not that also say that they are cruelty-free.

Hence, the fact that my list only contains two items. I will however keep you updated on this subject.


I am going to say that a lot of natural and vegan products are cruelty-free as they are created by people for people who care about the planet and the animals living on it.

However, a lot of products that are a blend of a candy shop variety of different ingredient, half of them you can’t even pronounce, might not be cruelty-free.

It is as always best to stick to natural drinks.

Perhaps you can soda stream yourself some sparkling coconut water.

Keep looking on the back to see if the drink you are purchasing is environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

Just because something is vegan doesn’t necessarily mean that it is cruelty-free.

Even though we might be struggling with finding something that we like, or we stop purchasing something we have enjoyed we need to remember why we are doing so. It is more important than a soft drink, I would rather only drink water if that means an animal won’t be suffering through any tests.

If you have any questions or you want to leave a comment please do so below and I will get back you if not I hope you enjoyed the reading.