Cruelty Free Primer – Aden Cosmetics Review

Cruelty Free Primer – Aden Cosmetics Review

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Hi sweeties,

What do you feel about primers?
Do you even need a primer?

I have always been using a primer and for the past month I have been testing out the mattifying primer from Aden Cosmetics, this primer is both cruelty-free and vegan.

Aden Cosmetics mattifying primer

Packing: It is a small pump bottle

Smell: Does not smell of anything

Price: ≈$15 USD

First Impressions: It took a few minutes before I could get anything out of the bottle but I managed.

The product applied easily onto my face. It does however say that it will reduce fine lines, I cannot say that I found this to be accurate. It also states that it will decrease signs of aging and reduce the appearance of pores. Compared to my other face primer this did not reduce any of my pores. I do however have very visible pores.

The primer absorbed quickly onto my skin and my makeup applied easily on top of the primer. I usually do not get a lot of creasing on my face. The only thing that I have issues with is that my nose usually goes very patchy.

The primer is a little bit sticky when applied but in my mind I am fairly sure that this is what makes the makeup apply and last better.

Application: It applies easy, it is a white lotion like consistency. 

After 30 days use

I feel like I have gotten to know the product fairly well over the past month. I have done different wear tests and also compared it to my other primer by Indy Beauty. The Aden primer I was able to apply on my nose without it going extremely patchy or uneven. Compared to the Indy Beauty Pore me away primer it does not hide my pores to the same extent but it does allow for your make up to have a really good base and it does last quite well throughout the day.

I also compared the primer with a non primer. I applied the Aden Primer on one half of my face and on the other side of my face I did not use anything but my moisturizer.

The application and the wear was fairly similar except that the side with primer actually started to get a bit more patchy then the side without.

Where to buy

what is a face primer

A face primer is a cream that you put underneath your make up but over your moisturizer. Most face primers will make the application of makeup easier and can even make your makeup wear better throughout the day. Different primers will have different goals. Some, like this one, are mattifying, some will minimize your poor, fill in fine lines, give your skin a glow and so on. They can be silicone based, water based oil based etc. There is pretty much one for every skin type.

Do you need a face primer.
Some people prefer not to use a primer as they feel that a moisturizer is plenty enough. If you have uneven skin and perhaps larger pores or you just find that the makeup won’t sit right or last long enough then a primer might be just what you need.

I always use a primer and I can even use two different primers at the same time. One over my pores and a different one for the rest of my face. A primer that will target the specific problem that I am having with my skin.

All products from Aden Cosmetics are Cruelty-Free but unfortunately not all are vegan. They do however offer vegan products.
Aden Cosmetics offers:

  • Make Up
  • Nail Care

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  1. I was looking for Christmas presents for my girl friend and she is very animals right and is vegan. This is a great article about makeup that has those values! I do not know to much about makeup though so I am going to have to get here to go though the website with me and pick out what she would want! 

    1. Hi, that sounds great, hopefully you will be able to find her something good. 

  2. Great article about Aden.  I hope a lot of people read it, especially the Aden buyers because I feel it’s less marketed than their competitors, yet their products are very good, even their website does not have sufficient information.  My skin is very sensitive, and my friend bought me Aden primer as a present. So I was luckily introduced to it.  I loved it, never had any rush like I always have using other products.  They must try to have a desk in every retail store to market their products.

    1. Hi, Thank you so much for your comment. I agree with what you are saying. The primer is very kind to your skin as well as very hydrating. 

  3. Thank you for personally experiencing the experience sharing and product evaluation after Aden Face Primer Mattifying Lotion. I searched for information about Aden in google and learned that Aden is an international brand with great influence. People’s evaluation is very high. I decided to buy it. Give me a bottle and give her a surprise! Thank you again for sharing!

    1. Hi, I am glad you enjoyed the article. I hope you will enjoy the product. 

  4. This post was very well written, and it also contains a lot of useful facts. I enjoyed your distinguished way of writing the post. Thanks, you have made it easy for me to understand.

    1. I am glad you found it helpful.

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