You finally made the choice of switching to a cruelty-free moisturizer but which one are you switching to.

Help me I’m lost

Reading about products on the internet is always a good first step but you might not want to spend money on a product you are unsure about. A lot of shops will actually provide you with small testers to help you choose. All you need to do is ask. There will be a wide range of choices, go by your skin type. It might be worth spending a little bit more, see it as an investment to your future self.

You can find cruelty-free moisturizers in pretty much any shop. If you know what label you want to go for then either head over to their shop or browse their online store. Read a few reviews even.

If you have no clue, don’t worry there is help out there for you.

How much are you willing to spend

You might be like me, a student in a foreign country who’s last penny is thoughtfully spent. How much can your budget afford?  There are options available in every price range.
Did you know that you can actually pick up cruelty-free skincare products at target?

Target –  the place we all love to shop when trying to be on a budget.. (or any other time for that matter).

If you are on a budget or just don’t want to over spend then head over there or even to their website and you will be able to find a product in your price range that is up to standard.

At your regular grocer

I know this might seem odd but you would be surprised. A lot of regular grocery store will actually have choice of cruelty-free products. You might have to spend an extra 10 minutes reading the back of the labels looking for the “no animal testing” sticker but it will be worth it. I have done this plenty of times and you will be surprised as they are not overly priced but actually quite reasonable. You can find body wash, shampoos and conditioners for cheaper than any other item on the shelf.  Being aware and making conscious decision does not have to be expensive or hard.


The benefits of making the change

This is very simple. You can watch endless of weird animal videos on social media without feeling guilty that your skincare line or any other product that you are using have run all their tests on the poor animals’ cousin.