As a lot of people out there I have always had issues with dry hands, especially in winter or when there is a change in climate such as humidity etc. Working in a kitchen I would always have to go between washing dishes and doing other things. This was terrible for my hands, they would end of super dry and painful. I would have to constantly rub hand cream on my hands at least until I found the hemp hand cream from The body shop.

Product Overview

Product: Hemp Hand Protector
Price: 130skr or $10
Cheapest place to buy: The body shop
My Rating 5/5

Benefits Of Hemp Oil On Skin

There are several benefits of using a product with hemp. Hemp can actually help reduces aging signs, such as wrinkles as well as it is highly anti inflammatory which will assist dry skin. This product also seem to be a bit water resistant. It instantly absorbs into your skin but even if you go and wash your hands you can still feel that it is there and you do not need to re-apply. I have been using this product for years and I can honestly say that I have not found another product that works as well as this one.

I just got back from living abroad and instantly when I landed back in Sweden my hands got super dry. I had a hand cream at home that I was using for about 2 weeks with zero change. I was applying it several times a day. My hands were very dry and every time I even looked at water, it felt like they got even more dry.

I was given the Hemp hand protector by my brother and I have used it once and my hands are now super soft and not dry at all.
I am so impressed by this product This is by far the best cruelty-free hand cream for dry hands.

Why Shop Cruelty Free

By purchasing cruelty-free you are taking a stand for animal rights, preventing animals to subjected to cruelty tests. When you actively purchase cruelty free you are making a change in society, If everyone started purchasing cruelty-free, ignoring all the other options, we would force businesses to become cruelty-free. It is really that easy.

Is the body shop cruelty-free?

It sure it. The body shop products are cruelty-free and a lot of them are completely vegan as well. I must admit I am a bit partial to the body shop but this is because they do have great products. I have been a diligent user of their products for over 10 years and I have never been disappointed. They have a great range of products at a very competitive price.

The Hemp Series

The body shop carries a lot of different products made with hemp. My favorite is by far the hand protector cream.

It makes my skin so smooth without making it feel fatty, it immediately soaks into your skin without making you feel greasy and it does have long-lasting effects.

In the hemp series there are several products that you can use, not only for your hands but also for your entire body. They even have a hemp body mitt which will probably be my next purchase in combination with the hemp high moisture expert set.

I would recommend this product to anyone who has dry skin or any form of skin irritation. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants super soft skin for days without having to constantly apply creams. I applied the hand cream last Friday, so it is about 4 days ago, and I have not had to reapply, where’s with my other hand cream I was applying several times a day.

Hemp all the way.


Hemp is such a good product both for the inside of your body and the outside. The oils carry great attributes for your skin.

It might have a slightly different smell but once you notice the benefits you will start to love it. It is not something that I dislike it is just not your typical sweet smell.

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