I want to touch on the subject of eggs, to me this can be a bit blurry and you can look at it from two ways.

I would love to hear your opinion on the topic and where you stand on it.

Cruelty Free Eggs

How are eggs made?

Eggs are made inside the chicken and for there to actually be a chicken the egg needs to be fertilized. Neither the yolk or the white is the chicken but it is actually a small part called germinal vesicle that will grow into the chicken. The yolk will provide nutrition and the white serves as both protection and it will also provide some nutrients.

Do chickens lay eggs everyday?

This will vary, depending on the breed of chicken. Some will lay less and some will lay more.

Why do chickens lay eggs?

A chicken will continue to lay eggs until it has clutch, after this the chicken will usually rest for a few days and then continue to lay eggs. The process of laying an egg can be quite painful for the chicken and they will usually show some discomfort the first time they lay eggs, after a while they seem to become more used to the fact of laying eggs.

Can eggs be cruelty-free?

I would say both yes and no and here is why.

Chickens have been manipulated to lay eggs pretty much every day, whilst in the wild they would only lay between 10-15 eggs per year, this being compared to between over 200-300 eggs per year.

Male chicks are also killed as they do not lay eggs, they are therefor considered as food, or waste, minutes into life, life can be taken away from them. A lot of these chickens live in horrible conditions with their lives spent in cages and filth.

They are not able to be a chicken. If you do not allow for someones basic needs to be filled it cannot be anything other than cruelty.

I have grown up on a farm where we had our own chickens. I ate eggs then and I still do now, just not very often and only if I know where the eggs have come from.

Are Eggs Vegan

Why are eggs not vegan?

Eggs, in my opinion, can be considered both vegan and non-vegan. A chicken will lay eggs whether or not there is a rooster present and the only way for an egg to become fertilized is if there is a rooster present to do the dirty with the chicken. So technically you are not eating an animal if you eat eggs you are basically eating the food for the embryo that would have formed.

However, most people do have roosters and there is no way to tell if it has been fertilized or not. So if the egg has been fertilized you are technically eating a baby chick, then again, where do you draw the line?

Abortion is legal up to a few weeks after fertilization, I know this is different but then again is it that different??

Just that perhaps we do not eat the baby, we still do remove it from this world.

Are eggs considered vegetarian?

The same goes here, are eggs vegetarian, it depends on how you see it. Eggs that are not fertilized are filled with nutrients, eggs that are fertilized are technically turning into a baby chicken. If we were talking about eggs being further along in the process I would not agree with it. You want to know where the eggs come from.

Can vegans eat eggs?

I consider myself 90% vegan, or perhaps I am just more conscious of my decisions. I do not eat meat, I never drink milk but I do have the occasional egg if I know where it comes from. I never purchase eggs that are “farmed” I much prefer to purchase my eggs from nearby farms where the chickens roam free and are allowed to do whatever it is that chickens do and whatever it is that chickens do that makes them chickens.

I do think our problem is greed, we seem to have lost the balance between life and death and we do not value another life but instead we seem to believe that we deserve what we want and this makes it alright do to what we want with whatever or whom ever we want.

If you go into the specifics technically an egg would be considered vegan unless it has been fertilized, although vegan is not just about not eating meat, it is also about not afflicting unnecessary harm and seeing the value in each life. Would a chicken want it´s egg when it is not fertilized? Does it serve any purpose?

Our chickens would leave their eggs, they did not want to lay on them.

And then all of a sudden a chicken would lay on her eggs and we would let her. Most often than not they would not grow into chickens.

Vegan Egg Substitute – Baking

Flax eggs recipie

How to make flax eggs – You can use ground up flax seed and mix it with water, add a little bit of water at a time and you will notice when it becomes more gel like or approximately 1 tablespoon of flax seed and 3 tablespoons of water.

This will replace one egg.

Banana as egg substitute

This is very simple and can be used for anything that would allow some banana flavor.

Use one ripe banana per egg and mash it up.

Applesauce as Egg substitute
This one I have not tried yet but I have read about it and from what I can see it works and it tastes good.
Use one tablespoon of applesauce per egg.

Chia seed egg replacement

This is pretty much the same as with flax seed. 1 tablespoon chia seed per 3 tablespoons of water and this will replace one egg.


This conversation about if eggs are vegan feels a little bit like “what came first – the chicken or the egg?”
The line can be draw anywhere but it can also be blurry or waved.

I would never buy farmed meat, I would never eat meat, I would however eat an egg if I know where it comes from.

What do you think? Where do you draw the line?

Would you support smaller farms with their own chickens running around the yard?

Or do you see this just as chicken farms?

Thank you for reading, Leave any questions or comments down below.