The last week I have been hanging out with my nephew. I started to wonder how many of the products that he uses are Photo by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexelsactually kind to both him and the environment and not to mention the animals. I would never have thought that a simple thing like a diaper would have been tested on animals.

How Is A Diaper Being Tested On Animals

First of all, a lot of diapers are bleached with chlorine. The products that are used in the making of a diaper such as chlorine has been tested on animals. Sad but true. This goes for a lot of products that we would never think would have been tested on animals. The way these products are tested are that they are put on the skin of the animal to see if it creates any kind of reaction, because remember that a lot of the products do contain different chemicals, even when they are for children. Secondly the animals are being force fed with the products to see what would happen when digested.  

Are There Cruelty Free Diapers

Yes, there are cruelty free diapers but do not expect a big name and very popular diaper company like Pampers to be cruelty free because they are not. It is very sad to see that a diaper, that is made for the most precious thing that we can have, is made with such evil. If you are looking for cruelty free diapers there are some out there. I have done some research on this because I do believe that a baby should have the best products since they are so sensitive and if you are ethically enclined I do believe that purchasing something that is kind to the environment and the animals is the best thing that you can do.

Eco By Naty

This is a Swedish company that uses Eco friendly products that is kind to your baby and also kind to the world we live in. They are the best performing eco friendly diaper on the planet, not a surprise since they have been active since 1994. The company are also using renewable materials. The products are free from perfumes and other allergens. They use organic material, only the best for our best. Best of all it is vegan! Yes, vegan diapers is a thing.

The product is available in Europe, America and Australia amongst others. If you want to view an extended list of countries where Eco By Naty is available then please follow link.

Not Just Diapers

The company does not only make diapers but they do have a variety of great products such as wetwhipes, clothes,bath items and also something that I find great, feminine products. Because guess what, the same goes for items such as tampoons. They are tested on animals or in this case in animals and they also test the chemicals such as chlorine on the animals, because yes, tampoons are bleached in chlorine, which we then get into our bodies when we use the products.

This is for sure something that we are going to be using on the babies in our family from now on.
They do offer subscriptions which I thought was really good as you do tend to go thorugh a lot of diapers as well as other items.

They might be a little bit more expensive but I do think that it is important to try and stay clear of as many toxins as possible when it comes to our children.


I am in love with this website and and their products. I was horrified when I started reading up on all the toxins that are used to make diapers and also on how they test the products and their ingredients. Choicing something that is more eco friendly can only have benefits. Please go to their website and check it out. It does offer some great products.
Please click here to read more Eco By Naty

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