As the market increases on make up it is only right to talk about some more make up brands.

Today I want to talk about Kylie Cosmetics. I want to start of with Who is Kylie Jenner, Is Kylie Cosmetics cruelty free,

Is Kylie Cosmetics Vegan and I want to finish of with some Kylie Cosmetics reviews.

Who Is Kylie Jenner

Most of you will know Kylie from the reality tv-show; Keeping up with the Kardashians.

She has been crowned the worlds the youngest billionaire by Forbes magazine as she is in her early twenties.

She comes from quite a large family with 9 siblings. Some things that you might not know about Kylie is that she also donates a lot to charities and profits made from her make up brand actually goes back to helping people. For a lot of people she is a role model and someone to look up to. She has grown up in the public eye, and needless to say, she is loved by many.

In the year 2015 Kylie founded Kylie cosmetics, a make up brand that is one of the fastest growing in the world.

What does the company stand for tho? It does not carry the leaping bunny and it is not certified by any official cruelty-free organization.

Is Kylie Cosmetics Cruelty Free

Most products that are cruelty-free, especially large companies, due carry some sort of certificate to show that they are cruelty-free. However, they have made statements confirming that they are cruelty-free, they do not test on animals. However if you are searching their website for cruelty-free you will find no information.

The fact is, to be cruelty-free does not require you to carry any label of your product being cruelty-free, although, a lot of companies do since it obviously makes things easier for the customers.

Kylie is an animal lover.. But is her cosmetics?

Is Kylie Cosmetics Vegan

Once again I try searching the official website for information with nothing to be found. However, the majority of the products are vegan.

Some products do contain inspect deprived ingredients, this is usually used to create colors in products such as lipsticks.

Click here to find Kylie Cosmetics Vegan products

You need to draw your own line here. I do believe that there are different ways of adding color to your products, ways that do not involve animals or insects, in this case.

I myself would not mind purchasing the vegan products from Kylie cosmetics as they do come with a lot of good reviews, they are very popular and loved and I am happy to say that they do offer a wide range of completely vegan products!


Kylie Cosmetics Reviews

One thing that is obvious when looking at the reviews is that they are very loved and popular. It is review after review about the color palettes and the over all quality of it. There are pages of reviews from happy and satisfied customers. One thing that I would say is that the prices are good. You do not over pay for a quality product.

If you are interested in purchasing products from Kylie Cosmetics Please head over to their website by clicking here.
As this is the best place for you to purchase the products as there are a lot of bad copies out there.







Would I buy products from Kylie Cosmetics? Yes I would.

I like the fact that they are constantly creating new products and that the quality of them is something that is mentioned very frequently in the reviews. One thing that has me convinced more than anything is the fact that Kylie wears her products herself. She stands behind her brand and does her very best to make sure that they are ethically correct.

Most of the products are vegan and none of the products have been tested on animals. This should have everyone excited, since a lot of big name brands do not offer either vegan or cruelty-free. Thankfully Kylie does.

This is a brand I am supporting but I do hope they will be 100% vegan, either way they offer a lot more than your average make up brand, for the same price.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to drop them below.