Carob might be something that a lot of you have never heard of, this might even be the first you hear about it. This is going to be a review of The Carob Kitchen Carob Mint Bar but before I get to that I think it is very important for me to answer a few questions about Carob such as What is carob and how it is carob made, is carob chocolate ?. I will also write about where you can purchase your carob powder from, where to buy carob chocolate. I will also give you some information about the company The Carob Kitchen as well as a review of a vegan milk chocolate bar called Vego and where you can get it. Let´s jump straight into it.

What Is Carob And How Is It Made?

Carob comes from a tree called Ceratonia Siliqua a.k.a. The Carob tree. The fruit or seeds from this tree are used to make Carob. The tree is actually a member of the legume family such as beans and soy. After picking the fruit is roasted and then ground into a fine powder which will be the substitute for chocolate.

Carob is not chocolate per se, it is a substitute for cacao due the similarity in taste.

There are also several benefits from eating Carob,
it has fewer calories and does not contain any caffeine, it also contains more fibers and potassium. Carob, just like it´s cousin cocoa, contains polyphenols which antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for reducing the risk of heart disease.

Review of The Carob Kitchen Carob Mint Bar

Product : The Carob Kitchen Carob Mint Bar

Price: $4 + shipping for 80 grams

Cheapest place to buy: Ebay

My rating: 4/5

The brand the Carob Kitchen is relatively new in Australia.
The company planted it´s first trees in Australia over 17 years ago and they achieved their first crops in 2010 which is when they started. All their products are made and grown in Australia.

The company makes a wide range of different flavored chocolate bars such as the mint bar. You can read more about their products and how they got started here.

Carob has been around for a long time but it has not been something that many people use, just recently more people are giving it attention.

I have tried different Carob chocolate but none have ever really got me hooked until I tried this one.
The taste of this particular Carob infused with mint is just divine. It reminds me of a dark chocolate with mint a little like Lindt chocolate. It is made with real cocoa butter as well which gives it a really lovely texture and flavor. It is made with one and a half less the amount of sugar than would be in a regular chocolate bar or so they say, the amount still adds up to about the same in the finished product,


The flavor is somewhere in between chocolate and carob which will make it a good transition bar, from chocolate to carob.

It is gluten free and it does come with a lot of good nutrients

Organically and Locally grown

Great substitute for chocolate
They offer different flavors.


It contains dairy products such as milk. Hence, the fact I am only giving it 4/5, as I truly believe that they can and should make a carob vegan chocolate bar. However, if you are only vegetarian then this is a lovely chocolate to “transition” with.

They do say that it contains less sugar than a regular chocolate bar but the finished results do contain pretty much the same amount of sugar as a regular chocolate bar however it does not seem to be added sugar but sugar found naturally in the carob seed.

This might be a lovely treat for vegetarians but it is not suitable for vegans.
This company do offer vegan products but not in their carob bar selection.

The reason I am doing a review of this product is that even tho it does contain milk and is not vegan, this is a local company and purchasing locally grown products can help save the environment, I will be posting about why sugar is bad for you so keep checking as it will be up shortly.

Cocoa production can be very harmful for the environment and contribute to massive deforestation – another post that will be coming shortly.

Other Carob Products

To get the benefits of carob you do not have to purchase the chocolate bar you can purchase Raw Carob and Carob Nibs. I love the nibs and I frequently use them as toppings on granola or pancakes. From The Carob Kitchen you would be able to get The Carob Nibs, The Carob Powder and the Carob Syrup. The Carob Powder is perfect for making raw food cakes and treats without sugar. The carob is sweet to the taste and I prefer mixing it with some cocoa powder for baking etc.

Review of Vego Chocolate Bar

Product : Vego Whole Hazenut Chocolate Bar

Price: $5.95 + shipping for 150 grams

Cheapest place to buy: Ebay

My rating: 4.5/5

I used to purchase the Vegan box. They send you a box every month or so with full size vegan products for you to try. I received this chocolate bar in one of them. This is by far the best tasting vegan chocolate I have tasted. It is very creamy and with the hazelnuts it is a perfect combination. The company states that they make the chocolate bars with the finest Italian chocolate. It is completely gluten free.


Completely vegan

Lovely taste



Gluten free


It is definetly not suitable if you are allergic to hazelnuts as they do use the hazelnuts when making the chocolate.

It is a bit higher in price but that is to be expected.

This is a chocolate bar I go to when I am in the mood for a milk chocolate. I love the hazelnuts with the chocolate.
It has a great flavor and it truly is one of my personal favorites for when I am in the mood for sugar.
I do believe that there is room for progress when it comes to different flavors and perhaps sugar contents.


I am a big chocolate fan and the one thing I find the hardest with trying to eat vegan has probably been chocolate. I cannot say that I am 100% vegan but I am 100% committed to doing the best that I can every day with the knowledge I have both when it comes to animals and the environment.
There are so many hidden ingredients in so many things that it is hard to truly know sometimes but as long as we all do the very best we can with what we know today then it can only get better from here.

I am aware that the carob bar is not vegan but I am also aware of the pressure that cocoa and sugar farms cause the environment hence the fact I have chosen to add this into my post. This was something I would snack on here and there because I truly love the taste. I enjoy this product as it is locally grown with organic ingredients which puts less pressure on our planet. For vegetarians this might be a really good substitute or it might even assist in eating less sugar.

The Vego chocolate bar has all the chocolate goodness, it might not come with as many health benefits as the carob chocolate bar as milk chocolate usually contains loads of sugar. It is however a really good tasting chocolate bar. Most vegan chocolate bars tastes like something is missing, this one is actually very pleasant to eat.

I have not yet been able to find a vegan carob “chocolate” bar but when I do I will try it and let you guys know how it is.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these products then follow the links below or go to your nearest “superfood / organic” shop. 

The Carob Kitchen Carob Mint Bar 80g

Vego Large Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 150g

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed and learned something. Perhaps you will even try one of the bars.

Please leave any questions or comments below and I will get back to you.