We can read every about how the dairy industry treats it´s cows and how bad the process is of getting milk on the table. I am not just going to tell you not to use a product without giving you examples of things to use instead. My goal is to always have a substitute for you. In this article I am going to give you dairy free milk substitutes such as nut milks, soy, rice and oat. I also want to talk about why milk is bad for you and the consequences of using cow´s milk, not only for you but also for the animals involved.

Why Is Dairy Bad For You

Lets start from the beginning. When we are born we drink our mother´s milk as it has great health benefits to us. Since we are unable to really fight any diseases we might get our mother´s milk are filled with good vitamins and nutrients to help up do just that. When we reach a certain age we wean off milk.
Humans are the only species that never really does this, we only substitute our mother´s milk with that of an animal.
Don´t get me wrong there are healthy ingredients in milk such as different vitamins. It is also said to help the bones in your body get strong as it contains calcium. However recent studies have found that people who drink a lot of milk when they are young actually have an increased risk of hip fractures.
Figure that one out.


But why is cow´s milk bad for you? Milk contains lactose and you have probably heard of lactose intolerance, which basically is that you are allergic to the sugar that is found in dairy. The symptoms of this can be quite unpleasant and painful. With drinking milk you might also receive acne, eczema and cancer. Just to name a few.

Milk is not just bad for you, think about all the animals involved in the process of giving you that glass of milk. Some dairy farms are better than other. I have seen both parts. I am not drinking milk anymore.

So to answer the question “Is milk bad for you?” For me that answer is yes. To be drinking milk is very inconsiderate and selfish, especially when there are so many substitutes out there. All the nutrients and vitamins that can be found in milk can be found in other products that is less harmful to you, the environment and to the animals involved

Vegan Milk Substitute

There are tons of dairy free milk substitutes out there.

You can find soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk and oat milk in pretty much any grocery store.
There are other lovely dairy free alternatives such as hazelnut milk, macadamia nut milk, cashew, quinoa and hemp milk.

I am a big nut milk fan so I use, for the most part,
Almond milk and when I can find it Hazelnut milk.

Benefits of Almond milk are not only a few, there are several. It contains a lot of good vitamins and a lot of fewer sugars than do cows milk and if you go with the unsweetened version it will not raise your blood sugar levels.

The most important benefit however is that no animals have been harmed in the process.


Soy Milk VS Almond Milk

Soy and almond milk seems to be the top two contenders for milk substitutes for people so let’s take a closer look at these two.

Just as with cow’s milk, nut milk such as almond milk or soy milk might cause allergies. If you are allergic to nuts I would suggest you steering clear of the nut milk and perhaps trying rice milk, oat milk or soy milk.

Soy milk does contain more calories than almond milk but it also has some great benefits, it also contains more protein than other milk alternatives. If you have issues with your thyroid you might want to go with something other than soy. Soy is a common allergen for both children and adults also, most of the soy comes from genetically modified plants, not all but a lot, this might not be the best choice if you are looking for a substitute. Soy production has also been a major factor in deforestation. So if you care about the environment perhaps try to minimize your soy milk use.

For me the almond milk is a winner in this.

Are there any almond milk dangers to be aware of?


Some Almond milks will contain added ingredients so be sure to check the back before you purchase.

Almond milk is made out of nuts and water. If you are allergic to nuts, as I said before. Do not go with this. When purchasing almond milk try to choose the unsweetened version. Sugar is never good for you and companies will sometimes add sugar into the milk to make it taste better and I believe to create an addiction. If you have added sugar in your almond milk this can affect your blood sugar levels. Most of the “dangers” that would be in relation to almond milk is if you are allergic.
If allergic to almonds you will experience the symptoms connected to nut allergy when consuming Almond milk.

My Top Three

I do not consume a lot of milk, when I do it usually goes in my morning coffeé. My to go to milk is Almond milk. I love it and when made the right way it is delicious. I am not going to lie, some of the milk substitutes can get a bit chunky, especially when you try to mix it with hot coffee. This can happen because the brand you are purchasing might be on the cheaper side or you might be mixing it wrong. I will get back to how to mix your milk with coffee shortly.

When I purchase almond milk it is usually from the brand Alpro, So good, Almond Breeze or Califia.
All you can find in the long life milk section except for Califia which is usually right there, next to your regular cow’s milk in the fridge.

I recently purchased Macadamia nut milk and it is absolutely wonderful. This is probably one of the few nut milks I will just drink out of a glass because I get a craving for it. This product is made by Suncoast Gold.

My absolute favorite out of them all is Hazelnut milk. I have noticed that it is a bit tricky to find in Australia but whenever I do I stock pile it because it is freaking delicious. I would usually purchase this from Alpro but I grab it whenever I can find it, not really paining attention to the brand.

If you are not really into any of these milks then try oat milk. It is a very good substitute if none of these are suitible. 

How to make the perfect coffee with vegan milk.

In my household we use instant coffee the most. What I do is that I heat up some milk in a regular cup in the microwave. While that is heating up I add a teaspoon of coffee into my regular cup. I then add just a small amount of milk so that I can blend the coffee with the milk without burning the actually coffee. I own a small coffee mixer, or milk frother if you don’t mind. I use this to froth up the warm milk. I then add the hot water into the cup stirring or using the milk frother. I then add a little of the warm milk and mix it through with the mixer and then I just add the rest of the milk on top.

Most often than not this way is a success.


There are some great alternatives for milk out there. There is no excuse not to change from cow’s milk. Why cause suffering and harm to another life when it can be so easily avoided. Everything takes time and it does take time to get used to changes. This is because humans do not really like change. We want to stick to what we know and we can be really stubborn about it. After making the change from cow’s milk the inflammation in my joints have gone down, my skin is almost always perfect and I rarely feel bloated or gassy as you can do after having coffee. I challenge you to give it a try. It is after all #februdairy.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments please drop them down below and I will get back to you.