This is a Bellapierre product review,  of the Bella Blender. I have recently tried out their makeup sponge and in the article following I will give you my thoughts on the product as well as a little bit of information on the brand as well as where to purchase if wanted.

Who Is BellaPierre Cosmetics

The Bella Blender is made by a company called Bellapierre cosmetics and the founder of this company is called David Orencyr. This company is entirely cruelty-free, they also use mineral based ingredients in their make up products. They have also come out with a vegan line. “From 100% percent minerals to more mainstream and accessible, our products are still made with naturally derived ingredients and will NEVER contain: talc, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, or any other harmful substances.” The company also has the stamp of the leaping bunny.

How To Use A Makeup Blending Sponge

How to use a sponge is very easy, most sponges will need to be dampened before use to allow for more bounce in the sponge. I always lightly dampen my sponge and then I apply some product hand, dip the sponge in it and then with the sponge I apply it to my face.

What I like about the make up sponges is that they seem to apply make up more evenly than brushes. I have always been a brush girl up until a few months back. Then sponge easily blends out contour and highlighter. It is also easy to apply powder with them as well. I mostly use a brush for powder unless I want to either bake or decrease any creasing that might occur.

Bella Blender – First Impressions

I really liked both the look and the feel of the Bella Blender. It is small in size but it will at least double when you dampen it. However, Instantly when I dampened it the top of it broke. I am unsure if this is due to a flaw in manufacturing, perhaps in packing or perhaps I am just to rough when it comes to dampen beauty sponges.

I am currently using a liquid foundation as cream contour products. When it came to applying the products it did a decent job but it did keep a lot of the product in the sponge. I actually ended up using more product then I would regularly do and compared to the sponge I am currently using it did not blend out the product nearly as well.



The Bella blender felt almost too soft for my liking and instead of spreading the product it almost allowed it to go back into the sponge. After a while I actually stopped using it and went for my other makeup sponge.

I have not even wanted to try it since then as I really did not enjoy using it the first time.

My Experience With The Bella Blender

My experience with the Bella Blender has not been that great, perhaps I did not give it enough time or practice but then again, dislike something that much rarely makes you want to try it again.

Perhaps it will work better when its not dampened as it will still be soft but more firm. I personally enjoy a MakeUp sponge that is soft but firm and that does not keep too much of the product in the sponge but actually allows you to use most of it.

There is nothing wrong with the actual sponge it is more that it does not suit my needs when it comes to what I am want in a makeup sponge as well as it was a bit unfortunate that the first thing that happened was that it actually fell apart.

Product Overview

Name: Bella Blender by Bellapierre cosmetics

€12 on product website excluded shipping.

Rating according to website:

Personal rating:

Best place to purchase:

Cheapest place to purchase:
€2.38 (29skr / 2.91 USD) on where they have a 75% discount on this product.

Bellapierre cosmetics does have both European and international shipping. Lyko does not seem to have international shipping. However, if you were to purchase through BellaPierre Cosmetics website their shipping fees are not too bad.



I am sure that the Bellapierre sponge is liked by many, this was,however, not something that fit my needs. It is still worth mentioning as the company is cruelty-free as well as it has a vegan product line.

There are plenty of Bellapierre products and hopefully I will be able to test something else that might win me over, the Blender sponge was however not the one. But hey, don´t knock it until you try it.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the my review of the Bella Blender by Bellapierre cosmetics.
If you have any questions or comments then please drop them down below.