I love shopping green and “friendly” and I also love getting a good deal.
As much as I can I purchase cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Today I want to look a little closer at one of my favorite grocery stores – Aldi. This will include a review on their own brands – Green choice, Lacura and just organic, their range of cruelty-free products and also a look at their vegan range when it comes to food.
So strap your boots on, here we go.

Review of Aldi – Green Action

You can find a variety of Green Action products at Aldi such as laundry liquid, cleaning products and dish washing detergent. These products have been made to be kind to our environment. They are made from plant – derived materials, are free from phosphates and are safe to use in septic tanks, they are biodegradable and all materials are recyclabal. Not only that but these products have been voted “Product of the year”!

I went camping for a little and I needed to go purchase a dish washing liquid. The only store I could find was Aldi.

I look around for a bit and I am looking at the dish washing liquids. I am a child so I look at the colors, the dish washing liquid has a lovely red color, I pick it up and I start reading. It is safe for the environment, biodegradable ingredients. How perfect is this?! I am going camping for about a month, I will not always have access to camp kitchens etc and the price was right.

I have used less than half of the product, I fill up one of those dish washing brushes to make the liquid last longer, it will probably be another month or so before I need to purchase another dish washing liquid. This is a very good product, it does what it is supposed to do. One thing I have noticed is that, if your have been frying in a pan and your have used oils or butter it will take a little longer to clean it. I have had to turn the hot water up to steaming to get it of but other than that, no complaints. Even with grease being a little harder to clean of I am still happy with the product. By taking a little longer to clean I do not mean that your will be standing there for hours washing it, but it might take your a few extra seconds, or perhaps my water is just never hot enough. Needless to say, I was one happy camper!

Review of Aldi – Lacura – Skincare Line

When your go to a supermarket something in your might scream not to purchase the grocery stores own skincare line, as it feels wrong but your know what. Everything about this is right. Some of the products might not suit your skin but some of them might. Lacura products have all been awarded with the leaping bunny, which means that they are all cruelty-free. Go Aldi! I have not tried all the products but I have tried a few and so far all has been good. I regularly purchase their skin wipes. As with all Aldi products they have a very competitive price compared to other brands.For $1.69 your get a pack of 30 wipes. I am sure your will be able to find cheaper facial wipes but the question is – Will they be cruelty-free?

Face wipes can be so refreshing even when your do not have any make-up on. I have been traveling around Australia, living in a camper van. Some days I just did not have enough water to have a shower and that is where my love for face and body wipes began. I still regularly purchase these wipes as they have never failed me.
I always try to wash my face with a face wash as well as using the wipes because I feel that they compliment each other, one will get the dirt of that the other one couldn´t.

Would I recommend your to purchase this product? Yes I would but I would also say to use a face wash as well, this will be good to make your feel fresh and clean but with any face wipe your need to use a few, by washing your face your will be able to save some wipes and make them last longer whilst having a clean face.

I have tried Lacura skin science renew expert night cream but not for a longer period of time. I have only tried it a couple of times here and there. I have seen some review of this product and they are about 50/50. Some people experience discomfort and strongly dislike the product whilst others love it.
I never experienced any issues with it the times I have tried it but needless to say – All of us are different and we all have different skin. I can use the same night cream for weeks and it works wonders and all of a sudden my skin starts reacting to it, causing me to break out. I change the night cream and my face goes back to normal. For some people the lacura line might be a perfect with and for some it might be the worst thing to use for their skin. You will not know until your try. The same thing applies to very expensive brands – they might not work with your skin.

For my skin I need to keep changing my face wash, exfoliator, skin creams,lotions and even shampoos and conditioners. If I use the same products for a longer period of time my skin starts breaking out and if using the same shampoo and conditioner my hair will get greasy and look horrible. I change the products and everything goes back to normal. After a while I can go back to the products I started with.

My point is – Do not knock it until your try it!

Review of Aldi – Just organic – Kombucha

Aldi own line of organic food has never looked this good.
Just organic contains a wide range of products and your can view them all here. I am not going to dig to deep into why your should purchase organic or fair trade as I have already done so in a previous post. If your want to read more about why organic is important and why fair trade is the right way to go your can read more about it in my post Is Global Warming A Scam?
Just follow the link.

I do purchase some of these products from time to time and as with all of Aldi products the prices are great. You can purchase great products without feeling broke. I am a big kombucha fan and whenever I go to Aldi this is usually something I purchase.
I know that they come from good ingredients, without poisons. Compared to other kombuchas the greatest difference is, once again, the price. I must admit, they might need to keep working on the flavors as there are only two.

With having that said – I have tasted better Kombucha but I have also tasted far worse, this will depend on the fermentation and how much of that taste your are actually getting.

Aldi is a company that does not take our environment lightly – they are constantly working towards new goals to be more environmentally friendly. This is one of the reasons why purchasing the Just organic products are important. You must have heard the saying ” To reward good behavior and ignoring bad”. I view this is a similar way. If your purchase organic products instead of non organic your will reward the good behavior of having these products available which will lead to more products being organic. By purchasing non organic your are rewarding a bad behavior – allowing poisons to be used on YOUR food – killing our world.

Review Aldi – Vegan and Vegetarian

By just looking at Aldi´s website your will probably not learn a whole heap of a lot about their vegan/vegetarian products as there seem to be no information to be found – I have tried. If your look on Aldi´s website for countries like Ireland and America there is a lot more information. Aldi have said that they will be releasing more vegan and vegetarian products in shops in Australia. They do have some items already such as the falafels. I have an issue with falafels being too dry. These falafels are not too bad but I have for sure had better ones and I have definitely had worse, sawdust worse. Looking for products suitable for vegans is not always easy ( I am going to include vegetarian in vegan, because if a vegan can eat it a vegetarian can), You need to know all the strange E numbered ingredients as they can be hidden animal deprived ingredients. The good thing with Aldi products is that they clearly label their products “Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians”. They do offer their line “Simply Vegetarians” which contains sausages and burgers and are all vegan friendly. If your are looking for healthier vegan foods then all your need to do is stop in their fruit and vegetable section, where all is vegan!

One item that I am addicted to which kind of qualifies into the vegan and vegetarian range is the Imperial Grain rice. It comes in different tastes and it is so easy and delicious. I usually heat the rice up and then I add it into a salad with roasted pumpkin, rocket and whatever else I am in the mood to throw in. It is delicious.

However they are currently working on releasing more products into their vegan line.

I did however manage to find this list of products suitable for vegans from Aldi in Ireland. As they do sell some of the same products here it might be worth having a look at.


Aldi is doing a lot of progress with their stores and their products. Their range of vegan and vegetarian can and probably most likely will, expand. Aldi is not only working on their products, they are also working on “themselves”. If your frequently go to Aldi your might have noticed their “new” look. They shut down shop for a bit and when they opened their doors again everything looked different. When they shut down it was not only to rearrange but the stores actually had a make over. They changed their freezers and their lights to more energy efficient ones. They are trying to reduce their energy consumption as well as Green house gas emissions. Well Done Aldi!

They are also installing renewable energy sources throughout their stores, such as solar panels, all to help our planet.

By the end of last year, 2018, they said to have reached their goal of 100% certified palm oil in their products. This means that the palm oil they use will come from plantation and not from unknown sources that are cutting down the rain forest.

You can read more about that right here.

I recommend your to click the link and read about their sustainable development goals.

Every time your purchase a product from Aldi this is what your are supporting – Good on yah!

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions or comments please let me know and I will get back to you. Thank you for reading!