Simple things like air fresheners you would think are cruelty-free. I mean it doesn’t go on your skin.
You merely smell it.
That is where you are wrong. A lot of the industries leading companies are testing there products on animals even though they might state that they are not. Animals are forced to inhale these products to see what will happen to their bodies.
I do not think that it is acceptable that a little fluffy bunny should be suffering because I want my house to smell like freshly washed linen. Do you?

As The Superior Race Do We Need To Care About Something So Trivial As Air Freshener

We, as the human race. Sure we are at the top of the food chain, however this does not give us the right to act with evil, especially when there is no need. There are so many alternative ways and alternative products to use that it just doesn’t make any sense. I believe a lot of you are purchasing a product, not because you agree with animal testing, but because you do not know that animal testing is being done on simple things like laundry detergent and air fresheners. When knowing that there are alternatives I believe that we will make the right decision,
I might be naive but I believe that the good in people are greater than air fresheners.

By having that said. Yes, air fresheners do smell good.
I am not disagreeing with you but there are other ways for you to have your house smelling nicely in a cruelty-free and environmentally friendly way.

Big Names – Small Respect For Animal Lives

Air Wick

These are some of the biggest names when it comes to Air fresheners none of these are cruelty-free.
How come?
Some of these will say that they are cruelty-free unless the law demands them of testing their product on animals. That is not cruelty-free. You either are cruelty-free or you are not. There is no in between.
These companies definitely have everything needed to be cruelty-free and also make a change in the world by choosing not to preform any animal testing. All they need to do is say no.

So how would you find a safe air freshener?
You don’t need to worry about that as I have done the research for you and I am going to show you some options and brands that are cruelty-free and also other ways for you to make your home smell nice, be cruelty-free and ultra fresh.

The Friendlier Air

Get an air diffuser. The Black Chicken Remedies are offering a cruelty-free essential oil diffuser. This is for sure a kinder option for a nice smelling home. You are able to purchase the oil diffuser at Flora & Fauna for $119 without any essential oils.
It is also available from ebay but it then includes essential oils. The oil diffuser creates a mist of fragrance that will last between 3-7 hours and the good thing is that it is easy to find cruelty-free essential oils.

I would say that this would probably be the best home air freshener as it is kind to our environment and kind to the animals it will last you for ages and all you need to do is choose your favorite oils.

If this is not your cup of the there are plenty more alternatives for you.
Try the cruelty-free activated charcoal bags, they are available at amazon for $56.68. You get 5 bags and if looked after according to instructions will last your roughly 2 years.
That is way cheaper than any air freshener spray and 100% nicer to our environment.

Your DIY Air Fresheners And The Good Old Candles

Make your own organic air fresheners with natural products.
Purchase yourself some nice smelling flowers and place them around your home. Let´s face it nothing smells as good as fresh flowers and when your flowers are ready to get tossed use them to make your own potpourri.

If flowers or potpourri isn’t your cup of tea, there are still alternatives for you.

Perhaps try a scented candle. These ecosoy candles that are made in Australia are 100% vegan and cruelty free!
You can find them here


As I have said before there are alternatives to pretty much everything. I am here to help you in the struggle, when you are unsure of what product to use instead of another. If you are unsure if somethings is cruelty-free or not. I will show you friendlier ways both for  the environment and our furry friends.

We are a head in our society with science and it is hard to understand how we can be so forward and yet use such primitive ways. Thankfully there are businesses who has realized that cruelty-free, fair trade and environmentally friendly is the way to go. I will help you find these product and just make the every day struggle easier.

I have been there too. I am still learning new things every day and I would like to take you on this journey with me because I know we can make a huge change with something so trivial as air freshener.

Here are a list of the products mentioned in the article and also where you can find them.

Black Chicken Remedies Skypipe Essential Oil Diffuser.
This products is 100% cruelty-free. The item has a very stylish design and can be used with a variety of essential oils. Black chicken remedies can be found in a variety of stores. This is a deal that is currently available on ebay, as it is the Christmas set it is now discounted and you will receive a lovely smelling essential oil with it. The current price is $129.47
–> Black Chicken Remedies Skypipe




Sara Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier and Deodorizer
This products is also 100% Vegan and is completely cruelty free. You place the bags around your home, perhaps near your litter box or wherever you need it. The charcoal will purify the air. You recieve 1 big bag and 4 smaller bags in this pack. They can last you for up to 2 years. This product is available on amazon for $56.68 + shipping.  Which is not bad considering you will be using them for 2 years.—> Sara Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier and Deodorizer


House Of Candles
This is an Australian company that make amaxing vegan and cruelty-free products. The candles smell amazing and this one will give you 30 hours of fragrance.The candle is made out of ecosoy. The smell listed here is the frankincence and Myrrh. You can find this candle on ebay for $18.99.
—>Frankincence and Myrrh House of Candles 






Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this post and I will get back to you otherwise I hope you enjoyed the reading and learned something new.